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  1. That's a good fact to know! :-) Will the Curve tool also work on the lime stripes?
  2. Can explain more easily please? I'm pretty confused. Also i followed the instructions real carefully, nothing resulted well.
  3. Hiya y'all. Regards, I'll like to know how to remove pixel'd edges on the sides, if you don't know what i am talking about i'll show you a screenshot. As you can see, on the lime part you can see that it's looks kind of a weird. s there anyway i can fix it? With a plugin or something else? Smart paint bucket fill plugin please respond!
  4. Welcome to my lair fella nobs! If you wish to chit chat with me, please drop your message here, thanks!

  5. I did it, nothing happened, deleting old programs can clean harddrive?
  6. Wait, i have admin, the steps in that page is pretty confusing.
  7. I don't have the CMD admin program, can i use the basic CMD?
  8. I live in a small town in Chile we don't have computer repair shops, but, you're a computer guy, i guess there's a way that you can tell me how to fix it? Also, downloading images from the internet could affect that i can't install