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  1. Hello, so I'm trying to make an animated picture of a GIF and I need some help. So the picture I'm dealing with is an 8-bit picture or like a pixel art sorta thing. So there's these clouds on the picture and I want them to be moving but like make it look like a loop. Now as you can see with the attached file, I want the clouds to move to the right and eventually they will fallout or disappear from the canvas or the image, now while they're disappearing on the right side i want them to reappear on the left. so like a portal go in one side and like come out the other. I've figured out one was to
  2. I've been using PDN for a while and I'm good at doing simple things, but I was wondering if it is possible to make a gradient or like a fade with different colors but instead of smooth image a pixelated image. Like the images you see how its gradient but its like you can see the line and where it changes color.
  3. Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to place a small image into large space but the space is a lot different. Here's what I mean. I want to fit the sunset image into the transparent area but when I do its really stretched and distorted and cant really see too well. 2nd image shows what I mean
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