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  1. Help needed for coding a plugin

    So basically it takes the selection, and pastes a rotated clone next to it. Yes something like that but some of them are like rotated. For example if this is selected (or from clipboard/file since someone mentioned that doing stuff outside of selection is impossible) After i run the plugin this would be generated (you get to customize the rotations): Basically an improvement of the pre-existing fill plugin. But I want to know the code. I have both CodeLab and Visual Studio
  2. Hi guys, I want to code a plugin where the user selects a region and then when I run the plugin, it takes those pixels and flips it or mirrors it and duplicates it relative to the original selection. I'm not very good at coding but I'm still learning to write plugins. Since this would only involve essentially just copy and pasting, and some simple rotation I hope it wouldn't be a complicated plugin. It would be greatly appreciated if some of you guys can walk me through each line of code so that I can understand how it works and I can learn from it too. (I read the tutorials but it's not exactly what I wanted).
  3. Image combining plugin?

    Those aren't really what I'm looking for. Cool, will check it out. It actually does what i want! thanks!
  4. Hi guys, I want to combine a lot of images into 1. Something like this: I made that collage above using a software called PhotoScape, it's very limited and there wasn't a lot of customization. Are there any plugins that can do the same thing? I prefer paint.NET over PhotoScape.