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  1. The problem is that this is exceedingly tedious to do. Being able to swap between channels is much easier than manually separating colors and going through a several minute setup for something that might only be a two second fix with the channels system. "It exists as a plugin" isn't really a valid argument when the plugin does a lackluster job at the end goal.
  2. Currently, in paint.net, when you open an image with transparency, it looks something like this: The color picker uses an opacity slider to determine the alpha of a color. My suggestion is that, with a toggle (turned off by default, most likely) another small window would be added to the side that looks something like this: (Image obviously just concept) Essentially, clicking each on each color channel would display the image's respective color values. For example, clicking on the 'red' channel would display only the values for the red color
  3. Thanks for the update- it was starting to get a bit troublesome to start with a lot of plugins.
  4. https://puu.sh/yFVed/c5116f9e99.mp4 Opening .ani files isn't seeming to work on the newest version.
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