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  1. I like the icon a lot, actually enough to use it. My brain will take awhile to locate on my super crowded desktop now, because I'm used to the default PDN icon. Drydareelin.I hope that by your name mentioned it will notify you as a reply to your post? Here is my submission to this topic: It is a desktop wallpaper I made in PDN. This was made by a real image of a Soyuz Rocket. 1. I adjusted Contrast using Curves Tool, to create a black and white mask. Then I delete all white parts of the image. 2. Created a new layer under the image layer and created some designs 100% PDN that looked OK
  2. Here is a "realistic" image I did 100% PDN. Tools and effects included Gradient Fill, Lines Tool, Shapes Tool, Brush Tool, and Distort Liquify. Full SIze: http://i350.photobucket.com/albums/q436/RydalS/Long%20Faced%20Ally%20Cat_zpsuhlebdcj.jpg
  3. Here is one I made 100% PDN. I think it fits abstract, although I used it for awhile as a desktop wallpaper. This one I used effects: Splatter, Distort Twist, Render Gradient Bars, Distort Liquify, Random Shape Fill. I don't remember but some of these are addon effects from I think Boltbaits addon pack, which BTW is awesome. Full size: http://i350.photobucket.com/albums/q436/RydalS/Hopeless_zpsytxxfxsi.jpg
  4. Hey everyone I'm new here. I look forward to furthering my skills and helping others further theirs through use of the forum.
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