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  1. Hello. I want to recolor some photos, but problem is that I do not know a very accurate way to select a specific piece of clothing or a object in photo. For example I can use selection tool + Ctrl to slowly select part by part but it selects other objects like walls and background or skin even if I experiment with tolerance. I have also tried it with Lasso select, but my hand is not so accurate because I am using mouse and there always are ugly parts left unselected or vice-versa I select too much. Is there any effective way how to select specific parts of a photo very easily? Thank you...
  2. Hello dear community of Paint.net I am a very active Paint.net user and I have been using this program for over 3 years. It is an great alternative to Photoshop and I love it very much. But I am not here to discuss about Paint.net, but instead I wanted to ask some questions about graphics tablets. +Questions+ Is there a good graphics tablet that costs between 8-36 Euros? I am not looking for something very advanced, but simply for a graphics tablet that does it's job like it is supposed to do. Keep in mind that I am saving up for a new PC so I am not going to spend much. How does it work? Does it auto-detect canvas and I simply have to draw on it with my stylus? Does it support Paint.net? For example if I touch with my stylus on top left corner will it 'click' in the same spot on my computer's screen? Are there any other free alternatives specially created for graphics tablets? Paint.net is good for normal image editing, but I am looking for an better alternative that is JUST for drawing.... I hope that you will be able to give proper answers to my questions . ~ Mike Leaf....
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