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  1. Hello. I want to recolor some photos, but problem is that I do not know a very accurate way to select a specific piece of clothing or a object in photo. For example I can use selection tool + Ctrl to slowly select part by part but it selects other objects like walls and background or skin even if I experiment with tolerance. I have also tried it with Lasso select, but my hand is not so accurate because I am using mouse and there always are ugly parts left unselected or vice-versa I select too much. Is there any effective way how to select specific parts of a photo very easily? Than
  2. Hello dear community of Paint.net I am a very active Paint.net user and I have been using this program for over 3 years. It is an great alternative to Photoshop and I love it very much. But I am not here to discuss about Paint.net, but instead I wanted to ask some questions about graphics tablets. +Questions+ Is there a good graphics tablet that costs between 8-36 Euros? I am not looking for something very advanced, but simply for a graphics tablet that does it's job like it is supposed to do. Keep in mind that I am saving up for a new PC so I am not going to spend much. How d
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