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  1. Hi i have reinstalled my p.n and i did take my plugins out ant they are gone i wonder if some one kwnos what are the good plugins for selfie editing in style of( modern, ol,d fashin, old ,claasic, sci-fi ,epic, cool ,battle and ....)
  2. thanks o all my problem is solved by the tr's alpha cutter
  3. it looks like a super cool plugin man thanks but can you guide me which one i use ?
  4. Thanks guys for your cool answers . but is there any way taht i can do it with the paint.net tools itself ??? iam not good at using plugins
  5. Hi again i have a problem i take out a charecter form a wallpaper of a game with ps nad formatted to jpeg and i insterted it in the paint.net and delet the white background with magic wand and i copy itt on a black layer but there are steal some white lines around the picture hat should i do ? the picture <=====click it
  6. thanks man i made a good one befor you made this i create it when you first posted in this topic
  7. e.. the second one was easy but ot i really wanted ...butalso it helped a lot thanks champ.
  8. let me try the second solotuoin @Pixey but thank you anyway
  9. Hi there. i wanna to make a cover for s.w.a.t 4 but there is a problem if you look at the right side of the cover you can see the multiply mixed colores i want to make a color ( mixed like the right part) for the left side what should i do ? i dont know how to do it . sorry for mistakes iam not english
  10. thank's IT IS FINISHED is it good ? http://vgboxart.com/boxes/PC/74975-firewatch-full.jpg
  11. nice can you take a video for toterial PLZ @Eli
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