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  1. BoltBait, can you update your website (http://www.boltbait.com/pdn/) to include a link to here for people on XP/3.5? for some reason it came up in google search, and it only had the link for the newer version. I had the impression that PDN was not very useful because it had no ability to add or manipulate alpha in an image (except paste, where it was a hinderance, it wiped out the image!)… and then i saw PDN had the ability to have plugins… now all i need is a plug in that will rearrange the list of plugins in the menu according to what they manipulate (ie: transparency (distribution/repro
  2. How about solargraphy distortion? (Cylindrical pinhole camera) See here for some hints: https://www.flickr.com/photos/bob_81667/albums/72157620933251618/with/4315856823/ CB.
  3. Hello, The Transparency By Color Subtraction is a neat idea, but there seems to be an issue (v1.2), I tested it by loading Jurvetson’s “bloody moon” image and attempted to turn the orange moon green (kept a green layer at full intensity behind), and there seemed to be an issue... The lower ridge of the moon remained dark red almost until fully replaced (see the part about overbrightening, at that time it would then suddenly flip the pixel transparent) - I would have thought that it would scale here too. Other apparent issues was the upper ridges remaining bright green, but its probably bec
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