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  1. ...or at the very least some sort of "save on crash" feature. Reasons for: It's 2016. In fact we're already halfway through the year so it's nearly 2017. Autosave is love, autosave is life. Every other decent free program worthy of even a $1 donation has an autosave feature. Hours upon hours of creative work - all that ENERGY, all that HEART, all that PRIDE, all that EFFORT, wasted and turned to naught. Auto-Save would've de-naughtified that issue and I would've been able to keep working on my fancy poster but nooooo. The framework is frankly outdated if it's incapable of handling what is in fact an industry standard feature. Paint.Net would be worthy of the best program in the industry if it had an autosave (and layer grouping). By going more in line with the industry standard, Paint.Net will open itself up to potentially recieving much heftier donations from happy rich people -- thanks in parts to having an auto-save on top of its easy-to-learn interface, intuitive nature and wide berth of handy dandy plugins. Yay money! It's worth starting a new framework from scratch if it means having an autosave that guarantees artist's creations are not lost forever like tears in the rain. Destroying art is often considered CULTURAL GENOCIDE. Not having an autosave means Paint.Net is practically committing cultural genocide whenever it crashes and destroy's the artist's self expressions. Best way to alleviate this horrible crime? Auto-Save. Humans are, contrary to popular belief, NOT super saiyan super computers with photographic memory and the ability to always remember to save every sixteen seconds. An autosave feature will handily mitigate problems that can arise from simple forgetfulness or oversight that might precede a crash. The Colossus of Rhodes. The Library of Alexandria. Bruce Lee. Atlantis. All these wonderful things, lost to history, could've been spared had we just invented autosave sooner. Don't repeat history's mistakes. Even these forums have an auto-save feature. Reasons against: The Luddites will be upset. Even though technically they shouldn't even be using computers. Maybe they'll send angry carrier pigeons.