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  1. Some random Doctor Who logos I've made
  2. A Doctor Who's TARDIS explosion, I've used some parts of this tutorial. https://imgur.com/a/FBImr I've cut some parts of a TARDIS png and applied motion blur, glow and color correction (with Curves+) to give the parts a "burning" look.
  3. Hello ! I would love to try this effect but I can't follow the tutorial because the pictures hosted on PhotoBucket are not available. May someone can send me the pictures or make a PDF ?
  4. First OS creation with Paint.NET
  5. OK, thanks ! PS: Your plugins are sooo useful !
  6. Hello ! I'm watching the Tutorials part of the forum, but I have a problem : Images aren't loading. On the screenshot, there is an URL for a photo sharing website but I need an upgraded account, and of course it's not free. DO you have this problem too?
  7. Doesn't work with PDN 4.0.16 too. So it's a corrupted file, but I don't know why.
  8. OK, so it doesn't work after the re-install of 4.0.17, but I haven't the 4.0.16 installator.
  9. Yes, bad translation. I don't know how this file could have been corrupted and I haven't 4.0.16, I will try to uninstall-reinstall 0.17 then I will test on 0.16
  10. Hello everyone ! I'm working on a poster and I need to modify it, but the pdn was created with Paint.NET 4.016 and I have 4.0.17, the latest version. Here is the bug report ; Yeah, I'm french so : à means at, dans means in and ligne is line. Thanks for your help!
  11. I test the Squirkle Plugin, in all the red ochre pack. Damn, this is so cool! thnak you for these awesome things!
  12. Oh! Yes! Thank you so much! I can't test it know, I'm on my tablet. but thank you!
  13. For me, a cirtangle is this http://www.iconarchive.com/show/ios8-cirtangle-concept-icons-by-designbolts/Phone-Manager-icon.html Maybe the rounded rectangle plugin can create this, I will try
  14. Okay, I just need one shape plugin, which add the cirtangle. Maybe there is a plugin pack which already add it, but I don't know
  15. Hello there! I'm new and I want to know if there is a "Request" topic, because I need a simple plugin, but I don't know how to create one! And sorry for English mistakes/errors, I'm a French user
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