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  1. Can mod please change the title to reversed "Turn Selection to the Most Used Color in it (Plugin Request)" since it is hard to see from the forum homepage. Thank you
  2. Hello, I have a plugin request, the attached image should explain it. I don't need color+transparencies to count as individual colors, just the color data. This will be helpful for my special method of resizing images which has better results than nearest neighbor but which it's very tedious to count the pixels in each region so I'm requesting just a ctrl+f that can recolor each region for me. Thank you.
  3. By the way, here is another example image (the left one is 32x32px). It is horizontally and vertically symmetrical (one quadrant mirrored for the other three). It is another sprite from Link to the Past before anyone accuses me of not giving credit You can see that resizing it to 50% ruins the symmetrical nature of it. Interestingly, I realized through tests, that if I resize it to 15x15, it looks resized great. It is perfectly symmetrical, well that is if you add in the top row and left column of pixels yourself, but still looks much better. I hope that this is helpful to narrowing down the problem. @Rick Brewster
  4. Here you go. This image is horizontally symmetric, so that's how I could tell that if the downscaled image to 12 pixels wide, which is a multiple of two like 14 is, was not symmetric then that seemed like an issue.
  5. I would like to report an apparent glitch with the Resize Image "Nearest Neighbor" algorithm when downscaling. As you can see in this image, the sprite I am downscaling is symmetrical, though I have no doubt this could affect the downscaling of nonsymmetrical sprites as well. When I downscaled the sprite (shown here rescaled for detail) from 14x16 to 12x16, it lost its symmetricality, which seems like a glitch. Oddly enough, the apparently different Nearest Neighbor algorithm used for scaling selections does not have this glitch. If this behavior is not intended and you need more examples, I will be happy to help as I use Paint.NET for pixel art all the time.
  6. Hi there! So you know this plugin pack, with 1px expansion dll? Well, it currently does [] [] [] [] -> [] [] [] [] [] [] to the layer when it expands, meaning they have square edges. But what I need it to be modified to, is [] [] -> [] [] [] [] So the layer has a smooth diagonal. This is better for expanding a layer for me, because the lineart is more smooth and not square/lowres. Thank you to anyone who modifies this!
  7. Thanks guys! Ego's solution works great! You guys helped me tons!
  8. Thanks. It appears that that has a smoother effect, though I am working with tiny pixel sprites so that wouldn't work in my game idea's resolution. Any particular reason why I can't at least test out Coarseness=2?
  9. Hi there. On the Oil Painting Effect, is there any way to set Coarseness to 2 or lower? Thank you.