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  1. Here you go. This image is horizontally symmetric, so that's how I could tell that if the downscaled image to 12 pixels wide, which is a multiple of two like 14 is, was not symmetric then that seemed like an issue.
  2. I would like to report an apparent glitch with the Resize Image "Nearest Neighbor" algorithm when downscaling. As you can see in this image, the sprite I am downscaling is symmetrical, though I have no doubt this could affect the downscaling of nonsymmetrical sprites as well. When I downscaled the sprite (shown here rescaled for detail) from 14x16 to 12x16, it lost its symmetricality, which seems like a glitch. Oddly enough, the apparently different Nearest Neighbor algorithm used for scaling selections does not have this glitch. If this behavior is not intended and you need more examples, I will be happy to help as I use Paint.NET for pixel art all the time.
  3. Hi there! So you know this plugin pack, with 1px expansion dll? Well, it currently does [] [] [] [] -> [] [] [] [] [] [] to the layer when it expands, meaning they have square edges. But what I need it to be modified to, is [] [] -> [] [] [] [] So the layer has a smooth diagonal. This is better for expanding a layer for me, because the lineart is more smooth and not square/lowres. Thank you to anyone who modifies this!
  4. Thanks guys! Ego's solution works great! You guys helped me tons!
  5. Thanks. It appears that that has a smoother effect, though I am working with tiny pixel sprites so that wouldn't work in my game idea's resolution. Any particular reason why I can't at least test out Coarseness=2?
  6. Hi there. On the Oil Painting Effect, is there any way to set Coarseness to 2 or lower? Thank you.