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  1. HELEN told me that she was checking out because she just had to. She hated 'the bullies'.
  2. No easy way here. Filling, pixel by pixel, using the pencil tool is an option. Let me know how it's going next Christmas. Shame to wreck a worthy piece.
  3. 100% with @welshblue. An example posted here would help. It would help us all.
  4. You beat me to it, @Eli. Now, please excuse me - I have to get back to knitting brains for my men.
  5. 3) DO NOT SHOUT. We can hear you just fine. Using all capitals is often interpreted as rude, so please don't. Ah, well. Probably just me then. I find the shouty thing annoying. A lack of FINESSE.
  6. I work with offenders five days a week. You just broke one of the rules.
  7. D'accord. Do let us know how you would have accomplished a helpful video tutorial that shows in real time how G'MIC delivers. In just a few words.
  8. But Pixey's tutorial does demonstrate the slowness of the G'MIC toy.
  9. Hello, The '... older VHS tutorial...' that you refer to (y'know - the one that you have 'more improved'). Indulge me. Post a link to it.
  10. Hello MadJik's Light Rays plugin may help. If you look here:
  11. Ah! Google images led me to this: Do feel free to talk amongst yourselves. Me? I stay with what I posted.
  12. Works for me. But I always have keep an eye on the Primary/Secondary choice within the Colour tool.
  13. The present icon is iconic and should be kept in place in perpetuity. UIs come and go. The ghastly '' may change. And I guarantee that my last lucid thought will not be 'I wonder if that nice Mr Brewster has kept his word about not changing the.........................'
  14. Have you been knitting with hemp fibre? It's a travesty.
  15. It shows " Image" because is the app associated with the *.tga file format on your system. Thank you for clearing that up. Your files are not being re-saved or in any way manipulated. I didn't think for one second that they were.
  16. Indeed, Pixey. Not a problem converting to .tga, but a slight hiccup with finding the file once it is saved. With my OS, a .jpg converted to .tga with IrfanView also goes to ' Image' heading. Even with the default app set as IrfanView. Not an issue, but I wonder why the ' Image ' heading when, clearly, isn't involved.