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  1. GillFelis

    Frames (ymd:100725)

    Hello Seerose, and thank you. I was wondering which species it was. Perhaps Myosotis alpestris (Alpine Forget-Me-Not/Alpen Vergissmeinnicht).
  2. GillFelis

    <---- Dimensions ----> v1.2

    It only takes seconds to use line/curve, customise the ends, add the measurement (in the font of choice) and rotate/place where required. Yes, the measurement isn't mid-line, but that only takes a few seconds more. And it works.
  3. GillFelis

    <----Dimension Arrows---->

    Hello, That's stretching it a bit. Gill
  4. GillFelis

    Frames (ymd:100725)

    Myosotis. But which species? Gill
  5. GillFelis

    SOTW#151 - Winners Announced - Fire

    ... and here is one that was prepared earlier!