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  1. Hello there! I just installed Linux on my second computer and I would like to use Paint.net on it too. Is it possible to install Paint.net on Linux? If it is, how to do it and would there be any problems? I do have the paid version and I would also like to know if that license can be trasnfered on the second machine, so I can receive automatic updates. Another thing I would like to ask is whether it's possible to have the licensed/paid version without having to log into my Microsoft store account etc? I would be happy to just download and instal the program
  2. I didn't express myself correctly. It doesn't work when I trying to make text links myself. The code seems a bit different that the one I am used to. I guess there is a bit difference for every site.
  3. Thanks for demonstrating and explaining the the plugin. I was messing around with that effect. It is really cool and handy.
  4. Hello Cc4FuzzyHuggles ! Yes that is the video tutorial I used. Also thanks for taking time and putting a detailed guide on how to make the image look better. I will start practising right away. And by the way the ''nlink=" didn't work for me. At least it doesn't open anything when clicking on the text link.
  5. Hello MJW ! I am sure I did the first image on transparant layers. The problem is not just white pixels. The second time I did the first image it was a bit better but there were still some dark pixels from the color at the edges, which makes it look like the darker color has gone out of it borders and into the lighter one. Or the opposite. And the color not being smooth and clear.
  6. Thanks for referring the plugin. I will definitely try it and see how I am doing with the other tutorials.
  7. Hello Pixey ! Thanks for replying once again ! Yes, for the orb I used the tutorial You linked. Also thanks for the tip and the link to the professional tutorial on the forums. I can not even compare the one with the orb I did with the Transperent glass ball and magic sphere tutorial. I will definitely try it. I also went through the tutorial of the first image once again - http://i.imgur.com/OxKsEWn.png?1 Thanks again. It is greatly appreciated !
  8. Hello Cc4FuzzyHuggles ! And thanks for Your reply! I made sure to use Transparent Layer ( at least for the second image ) Antialiasing is as enabled. Also Selection Cliping Mode is set to Antialiased selection quality. And the Quality is set to Bilinear. I don't know what else might be the reason. I guess I can not learn that in one day but it will happen in time with a lot of practise. One thing I noticed was that if "Shapes Mode" is set "Draw Filled Shape" I could not use "Line/Curve" to draw with - at least it doesn't add any of the chosen colors. Also thank You for the tips,
  9. Hello IRON67 ! And thanks for Your reply ! I have Antialiasing enabled. Also my image resizing is on "Best Quality" The only thing I noticed I have changed was "Display Pixel Grid When Zoomed", but I don't know if it may has any effect on the image quality, other than making the pixels more distinctive when zooming in. I may have done something without noticing ( even though I tried to check the tools and the options the tutor is working with - I am specifically refering to the first image ) and am certainly missing something. I gave the tutorial a second go - http://i.imgu
  10. Hello Pixey ! And thanks for Your fast reply . It is greatly appreciated ! The first image in its normal size - http://i.imgur.com/j9ZQmcN.png?1 and zoomed - http://i.imgur.com/v8uPoq8.png?1 The second image in its normal size- http://i.imgur.com/UflO8lG.png?1 and zoomed - http://i.imgur.com/seO7Raf.png?1 I am still learning to work with the program. I was watching a tutotial and did the exact icons the tutors did. So none of the images are my idea. The icon on the first image I did today, and the one the tutor did didn't have the white areas as mine does. I would say I di
  11. Greetings I am pretty new to programs such as Paint.net I have done some tutorials on the basics but I still have a lot more to learn. Creating and editing images with Paint.net can be really fun and very often - hard and frustrating. There are a lot of things I would ask help for, but there is one thing particular I am stumbling upon over and over again ( whether editing and image like cutting a certain part of it or creating something simple of my own) - white pixels appear at the edges of images/icons ( whether at the edges after adding a shadow or after creating and putting a
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