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  1. God.. I wasn't counting on this as it's the redirection link. It was an endless circle till I find the big DOWNLOAD link at the bottom. Now I download it all, thanks a ton Djisves! Best
  2. Hello This will be my first post I found myself interested in Paint.net rather than Gimp or any other as it's way user friendly and easy to use if you compare. It comes with some restrictions though. I've been looking for a way to outline an object and this plugin looks like exactly the thing I seek for. But I couldn't find any place to click, download or save any dll file. There's only the text is clickable in the initial post and it's just the text's itself. I guess the "3333rd" post was clickable in the past but not any more. Or it's just me not being able to click on it? Can somebody mind helping me out here? Thanks in advance Best Edit: typo fix
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