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  1. @StarYoshi What a very fun picture!I love all the creative flare in it. @Nai I love how the strawberry is just suspended, as well as the steam you added. Very nice touch. Nai = :star: :star: StarYoshi = :star: :star: That leaves each competitor at nine stars!
  2. Congratz @MJW!!! That's a really nice signature. Definitely deserved the win. Thanks @DrewDale for hosting! This is a lot of fun!
  3. @toe_head2001 Thank you so much for your help! I would have never figured that out on my own.
  4. Thank you so much! On a short, separate note (that should probably be a new topic), how do you tag people in posts? I end up just typing @username, but that doesn't seem to work.
  5. Hia! So I've been stumbling through the tutorial graveyard, and there are actually some really cool tutorials in there! The only issues are they're either confusing, or they don't have screenshots to go with them. Would it be frowned upon if I went through the graveyard, picked some really cool tutorials, made sure that there wasn't already a tutorial for them, and remade the tutorial with screenshots, or easier to follow instructions? I'd give credit to the original poster of course, but I'm not sure if all these tutorials should be totally forgotten about. Thanks for your time! ( The cake i
  6. Geeze... there's a lot of really cool tutorials in the graveyard... would it be frowned upon if I remade them, with screenshots? (I'd give credit to the oriinal poster of course...)

  7. Not necessarily new to Paint.NET... just the forums. Nice community. I'm glad no one will bite the newcomer. :P

  8. DrewDale: 0 Limon: 1 @DrewDale, Although I love the colorful and the beautiful simplicity of the design, I have to put my vote in for @Limon. I love the blue curved lines covering the name, and the gears and flowers look really cool together. (By the by... I'm a bit new to the forums, so if I'm doing this wrong please tell me...)(Oh, and please forgive me for reviving what seems to be a dead competition... It's a really cool idea that shouldn't die. )
  9. Decided to keep it fairly minimalistic. I like minimalistic. Umm... so the white wood background does not belong to me, and you can find the link here (http://server1.decornorth.com/images/thewombsauna.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/white-wood-wall-texture-wallpaper.jpg). Umm... ya. I decided to do one with a logo to fill that bit of extra space, so if you want to see it logo version one is HERE, and logo version two is HERE. Aaannndd... ya. it's a 500 x 200 image with a res of 40000 pixles/inch (I think...) Hope you like it. If you want me to post a tutorial for the folded letters, just a
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