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  1. It's very cool creative appliance and I'm delighted with such things, that make crazy fascinating things in the art! Effects, filters and various appliances really made difference to how we see digital art. Kids love heroes, my brother is still crazy about Spiderman I can advise to everybody one excellent soft <snip!> where I always take my inspiration. Here everyone will have unique opportunity to make perfect 3d visual and then print it with the help of this creative source. I'm sure that you won't be sorry for this choice Good luck!
  2. These are superb! I really do like the Callisto spacescape. The lighting is just great. However the shadows of the spaceman and his rocket don`t seem to match the rest. The sunlight is coming from the left but those particular shadows seem slightly offline.
  3. The second one is stunning for the interwoven ( to nick Red's words) background. Not fond of the trailed text but the image has a magical feel to it.
  4. Perhaps I have never understood the freeform shape tool - I see no reason for it? (I am on Pdn 3.5.11 and testing now, I can see no advantage over using the brush on width 1 px, apart from the straight line joining first to last point)
  5. I can't find my party streamers ... but well done for writing this
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