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  1. Thanks! It's great to BE back, and as I said above...there's a lot more to Eddie's story. The brat's taken over my head lately.
  2. Okay, that first one honestly made me jump off the couch. Good job!
  3. It's great to be back! The kitty loves the new place because all the windowsills are just her size, and the birdie loves it because there are lots of trees for his friends. Lousy neighbor next door, but eh...nothing's perfect.
  4. @Woodsy thank you! I missed everyone here too; it actually made me feel kinda homesick.
  5. @Seerose, awesome! My favorite band of all time.
  6. Thank you! Out of reps myself; I can relate.
  7. @Drydareelin: I like it, I love it, I want some more of it! How did you get that marbleized effect?
  8. I didn't realize you were a mind reader. I've been trying for a while now to create the following image: Thank you for helping bring my crystal fern to life!
  9. @lynxster4, well, the Lion and I had a simple-seeming move turn into something worthy of the Keystone Kops! (Storms, accident with the trailer, neighbors straight out of a horror movie....) We're finally settled and have working internet!
  10. @hippiechos, wait until you see the rest that goes with it. @JRF1, d'oh! Thanks for reminding me!
  11. Your work is getting creepier with every post! Keep it up!
  12. @lynxster4 my dear, that is one addiction you're more than welcome to feed! Fabulous new works!
  13. @Pixey, I would totally wear that as a necklace!
  14. That's fantastic! For a minute there, I thought you'd posted a picture from a vacation--then I realized you've blown our minds again.
  15. Thank you! I'm almost done with the main "set pieces." It's helping me keep somewhat calm.
  16. Mind-numblingly lovely! I now have "Funky Town" in my head, but that's not a bad thing.
  17. Owwww..."Giving Up" had me clenching every muscle in my body in sympathy. Know you're always in my prayers, and I hope this flare lets you have a good long rest! *kicks fibro for you*