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  1. Beautiful work as always! Also, the dolphins are amazing.
  2. Oh gorgeous! I also prefer the first, although the second one makes me think of a mandala. Combat warrior vs. spiritual warrior maybe?
  3. @barbieq25 thanks! One of the other pieces I have to upload is based on your jewel tut.
  4. @lynxster4 Thank you! I think (hope) they are working now. Glad you like the others!
  5. Thanks @Drydareelin! I love your sig (I'm a bit of an amateur astronomer).
  6. Thanks @lynxster4! Yeah, I just tried to upload some more pictures and no go. P.S. I hope you don't mind, I used one of your shapes in the rug picture because it captured exactly the feeling I wanted.
  7. Hello! I guess I'd better introduce myself properly. I've been using Paint.Net for quite a while now, but have been on an involuntary hiatus (computer death) until recently. I've been studying quite a bit, challenging myself to learn new techniques; I figured I might as well join the conversation. SO, hello again to everyone. I want to thank all the developers and tutorial writers, but mostly Rick Brewster for creating PDN. This is a really fun and supportive community from everything I've seen and experienced so far, and I look forward to the day I can "pay it forward" and help someone the way you've all helped me.
  8. Here's my attempt at @Lynxster's "Opalescent Stained Glass." I made the frame with ShapeMaker.
  9. Ishi, fantastic! Your designs for your client made me want to crank up some Jimmy Buffett. I also really like your "diary" piece. Oh, bonus points for the avatar.
  10. Thank you Eli, Maximilian, Pixey, Helen, Seerose, and Woodsy! That made my day. I added a couple more, but for some reason my brain will not parse the instructions for thumbnails (never was good at those ). I made a rug to go in front of the fireplace, and added a chandelier from an older project.
  11. Hello! Longtime lurker here. I suppose I should go introduce myself properly too. I have spent a good bit of time over the years reading, practicing tutorials, and just generally trying to learn as much about PDN as I can. Anyway...I just finished a piece I am really proud of and finally feel I have something to share. It's made with: Shapes 3D Yellowman's 3D Room tutorial Midora's Animated Image plugin Pixey's tutorial for Midora's plugin TR's Dodge and Burn Metalllize Here, my flickering fireplace! I plan to make this part of a much larger piece eventually, but right now I think I'll have some victory chocolate. Thanks to everyone, and especially Rick Brewster for creating my favorite software. Happy Halloween! --Dragon Additional:
  12. Wow! I am still trying to catch up on everyone's galleries, but I just have to say: your Star Trek picture is one of the best anythings EVER. I love the placid landscape...and then all the galactic drama and the Enterprise just cruising along all, "Nothing to see here, folks."
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