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  1. Coming up on the 15th anniversary of my favorite uncle's passing, and he was a big Chris LeDoux fan:
  2. Well, it's taken me a few days, but here is the updated "Statement Necklace." I do like the results a lot more, although I still see room for improvement.
  3. Oh my goodness @Seerose! How pretty! I think I like the glass orbs best. Everything you make is so colorful and cheerful.
  4. Thank you @Seerose and @nitenurse79! And @Pixey, you just blew me away. I do find the plugin pretty useful--even if sometimes it causes unexpected results. Happy accidents are always good, though.
  5. Thanks @barbieq25! I have started re-working the necklace with your antialias/shadow instructions, and @Pixey's tutorial. Really, really excited because I can see improvement already. The blue was a total accident: Obsidian Dawn's website has some gemstone brushes that I was puttering around with, and I used a light turquoise on a transparent background. I ran @maccas' "Add Depth" plugin with some shadows, and kablooey--London Blue Topaz.
  6. And thank you @lynxster4! I have started re-working the bling already.
  7. I have not tried that one yet. Thanks for the reps and the suggestion @Woodsy
  8. Ahh, thank you @Pixey! I think you just cleared up a few things that have been bothering me about these. I will have reps for you as soon as my clock resets (the perils of late-night forum browsing).
  9. Statement necklace, from @barbieq25's Making a Jewel tut: Bracelet: The gem in this one is a brush I was messing around with; when I accidentally turned it the "London Blue" color, I figured I should keep it.
  10. Incredible! I need to learn how to make glass. Wow.
  11. Okay @Drydareelin, how did you get control of the Hubble? Seriously, fantastic work! I think I am going to meditate on a few of your starscapes.
  12. Beautiful work as always! Also, the dolphins are amazing.
  13. Oh gorgeous! I also prefer the first, although the second one makes me think of a mandala. Combat warrior vs. spiritual warrior maybe?
  14. @barbieq25 thanks! One of the other pieces I have to upload is based on your jewel tut.
  15. @lynxster4 Thank you! I think (hope) they are working now. Glad you like the others!
  16. Thanks @Drydareelin! I love your sig (I'm a bit of an amateur astronomer).
  17. Thanks @lynxster4! Yeah, I just tried to upload some more pictures and no go. P.S. I hope you don't mind, I used one of your shapes in the rug picture because it captured exactly the feeling I wanted.
  18. Hello! I guess I'd better introduce myself properly. I've been using Paint.Net for quite a while now, but have been on an involuntary hiatus (computer death) until recently. I've been studying quite a bit, challenging myself to learn new techniques; I figured I might as well join the conversation. SO, hello again to everyone. I want to thank all the developers and tutorial writers, but mostly Rick Brewster for creating PDN. This is a really fun and supportive community from everything I've seen and experienced so far, and I look forward to the day I can "pay it forward" and help someone the way you've all helped me.
  19. Here's my attempt at @Lynxster's "Opalescent Stained Glass." I made the frame with ShapeMaker.