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  1. Well, I have my big project almost finished (minus some changes requested by the hubby), so I figured it was time for a break! I ran through some tutorials, and then tinkered around with ShapeMaker a bit more. I felt like making a quilt since I never seem to have time or energy to make a real one! Now to try for something more realistic-looking, now that I've given my brain a rest.
  2. Birdie! I love the new still life @Pixey! I've installed Texture Merger; all of this lovely work lately makes me want to try it out.
  3. Holy...wow. I'm in total awe! I'm just going to sit here and zone out on your animation; I can almost hear the saw.
  4. @Doughty! Fantastic! Between your chain maille, @oma's sword, and @lynxster4's shields, we're ready for anything!
  5. Fantastic, @lynxster4! They look like candy kaleidoscopes!
  6. Thank you so much @Rickhum! I've never gotten a "good on ya" before, so I'm genuinely grinning here.
  7. Thanks @Maximilian! Now if I can just get my current project to match the image in my head....
  8. Thank you @Red ochre, and hail to the king! Thank you @Woodsy! I hope to have more soon! Thank you @Pixey! It really does make a huge difference. I am glad you like my sig too! Thank you @lynxster4! It took me some time to get the hang of Drop Shadow, but oh how I love it now. and for everyone!
  9. Coming up on the 15th anniversary of my favorite uncle's passing, and he was a big Chris LeDoux fan:
  10. Well, it's taken me a few days, but here is the updated "Statement Necklace." I do like the results a lot more, although I still see room for improvement.
  11. Oh my goodness @Seerose! How pretty! I think I like the glass orbs best. Everything you make is so colorful and cheerful.
  12. Thank you @Seerose and @nitenurse79! And @Pixey, you just blew me away. I do find the plugin pretty useful--even if sometimes it causes unexpected results. Happy accidents are always good, though.
  13. Thanks @barbieq25! I have started re-working the necklace with your antialias/shadow instructions, and @Pixey's tutorial. Really, really excited because I can see improvement already. The blue was a total accident: Obsidian Dawn's website has some gemstone brushes that I was puttering around with, and I used a light turquoise on a transparent background. I ran @maccas' "Add Depth" plugin with some shadows, and kablooey--London Blue Topaz.
  14. And thank you @lynxster4! I have started re-working the bling already.
  15. I have not tried that one yet. Thanks for the reps and the suggestion @Woodsy
  16. Ahh, thank you @Pixey! I think you just cleared up a few things that have been bothering me about these. I will have reps for you as soon as my clock resets (the perils of late-night forum browsing).
  17. Statement necklace, from @barbieq25's Making a Jewel tut: Bracelet: The gem in this one is a brush I was messing around with; when I accidentally turned it the "London Blue" color, I figured I should keep it.
  18. Incredible! I need to learn how to make glass. Wow.
  19. Okay @Drydareelin, how did you get control of the Hubble? Seriously, fantastic work! I think I am going to meditate on a few of your starscapes.
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