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  1. Well, I have my big project almost finished (minus some changes requested by the hubby), so I figured it was time for a break! I ran through some tutorials, and then tinkered around with ShapeMaker a bit more.


    I felt like making a quilt since I never seem to have time or energy to make a real one! Now to try for something more realistic-looking, now that I've given my brain a rest.



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  2. Thanks @barbieq25! I have started re-working the necklace with your antialias/shadow instructions, and @Pixey's tutorial. Really, really excited because I can see improvement already.


    The blue was a total accident: Obsidian Dawn's website has some gemstone brushes that I was puttering around with, and I used a light turquoise on a transparent background. I ran @maccas' "Add Depth" plugin with some shadows, and kablooey--London Blue Topaz.

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