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  1. Ahh, my mother lived in Garden Grove for several years. Circumstances took her back to the Midwest, but she always missed California.
  2. Happy New Year, @Scooter! Hey--I grew up in this climate so it's all I really know.
  3. Step 4, Exhale slowly and evenly--but do exhale. I can't reach through the screen to perform CPR if you drop.
  4. Holy cow @Woodsy! Your woodwork never fails to amaze me, and now you're tackling architecture too? WOW!
  5. Thank you @Red ochre! Well, hubby and I don't live in a cabin yet, but hopefully soon.... We did have a wonderful holiday (day job actually gave me enough time off for us to go back home to Wisconsin). I hope you and everyone in the forums did as well!
  6. Well, nothing wrong with cleaning house before the holidays.
  7. Not since I deleted Curtis' plugin packs. Has me pretty confused and concerned!
  8. Beautiful @Pixey! I love the color choices.
  9. Nope, I don't usually have a problem with Metallize. (Good thing, because I like using it.) I had another crash trying to render Highlights--but after restarting, I had no problem.
  10. Sure thing! I was making a flower with a metallic edge using Pixey's "Gold Encased Bottle" tutorial. 1. Draw basic flower shape. 2. Magic Wand the center, create New Layer, and color. Deselect. 3. Magic Wand the exterior of the petals, cut and Paste into New Layer. 4. From here I followed Pixey's tutorial. I was in the middle of Step 8 (Color > Metallize the three layers--on the second layer in fact) when I got the "Parameter is not Valid" error. I was unable to finish the step in the tutorial or save the first "Metallize" layer. The Effects menu refus
  11. Well, it happened again--and I stripped out curtis black.common.dll days ago: This text file was created because paint.net crashed. Please e-mail this to crashlog4@getpaint.net so we can diagnose and fix the problem. Application version: paint.net 4.0.13 (Final 4.13.6191.1824) Time of crash: 12/18/2016 11:58:38 AM Application uptime: 1.08:17:44.2223852 Application state: Running Working set: 502,784 KiB Handles and threads: 3286 handles, 78 threads, 1124 gdi, 699 user Install directory: C:\Program Files\paint.net Current directory: C:\
  12. Love it, @Collagemaster! Now I'm hungry, but I think I'll listen to "Cheeseburger in Paradise" instead.
  13. I had no idea...thanks! I learned something new!
  14. Herself makes a cameo in the holiday scene I created (along with my bird), but I'm working on a project that centers around her right now.
  15. @Collagemaster, I really like this! It makes me feel like I'm at a juried art show. Reps as soon as my clock resets.
  16. Wow! Don't see many comic artists here; I'm impressed.
  17. Did some nosing around and found out that one of the guys in Anakin's suit played a Minotaur in "Clash of the Titans.' Might have affected the "imposing" walk? And yeah, that cameo's a LITTLE too Uncanny Valley.
  18. @Pixey, that tree is so pretty! Funny, growing up we always had an artificial tree because my mom was allergic to pine sap. A few years back, I was nanny for my cousin's son after she had a stroke; they had a real tree. It actually struck me as really WEIRD! I wasn't too impressed with the dogs drinking out of the planter, either. My husband and I have an artificial tree, and given the way our cat climbs and chews I have to say it's probably for the best. Turns out putting pinecones under the tree doesn't work if the little furball can figure out how to jump over them
  19. I have also had this happen, at least twice weekly on average. I'll be several layers in to a large project, and then when I try to use the Effects menu it opens very slowly. When it finally does open, the only submenu items visible are usually the ones built directly into PDN. Within 2-5 minutes, the program crashes. If I'm lucky, it gives me a chance to apply the effect first! After reading the error reports, I assumed that it was because I had a plugin that was not compatible with 4.0+. (I used to make frequent use of "Tile Image," but Curtis' plugin pack has some out-of-date plugins and I
  20. Fantastic work! I am sorry for your loss, and love this memorial to your friend.
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