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  1. Glad to help! My brain's so full of random trivia, it's good when I can pass it along. (Oddly, I stink at Trivial Pursuit.)
  2. Well...thank you @Rickhum for solving a mystery! When I was a kid about thirty years ago, "round tuit" signs were briefly in fashion in the area where I lived (Upper Midwestern US). I always kind of wondered where they came from. Your comment made me think of the signs that hung in my mom and aunt's kitchens, so I made one so the forums had everything.
  3. @Pixey dear, that sound you heard was my jaw hitting the floor. WOW!
  4. @Seerose, these are so happy-making! Now I know where to go when my day needs a burst of color.
  5. Since @Rickhum said we can get everything here but a round tuit, I figured I would make sure we had that too. Feel free to use when needed.
  6. Thank you so much @Seerose and @Maximilian! Maximillian, I will have reps for you as soon as my clock resets.
  7. That's fantastic! The roof angles look fantastic IMO.
  8. Thanks @Pixey! Nah, she tends to focus on the tree. I think she thinks she's an ornament.
  9. So, my fur-daughter Mach Five has figured out how to close the lid on her soft food container to save some for tomorrow. I did not show her this; she just started pushing it back in place. I don't know why, but this makes me very dorktastically happy. If she ever learns how to stretch out her thumbs, we're all in trouble.
  10. Well, my big project is done and will be shown off shortly. In the meantime, I decided to see if I could make a grapevine wreath.
  11. Happy Turkey Day! It looks like @TechnoRobbo has some new stuff on YouTube, so I hope he's just busy.
  12. Thanks @Pixey! I've always wanted to make this pattern because I love maple trees.
  13. Well, I have my big project almost finished (minus some changes requested by the hubby), so I figured it was time for a break! I ran through some tutorials, and then tinkered around with ShapeMaker a bit more. I felt like making a quilt since I never seem to have time or energy to make a real one! Now to try for something more realistic-looking, now that I've given my brain a rest.
  14. Birdie! I love the new still life @Pixey! I've installed Texture Merger; all of this lovely work lately makes me want to try it out.
  15. I'm in total awe! I'm just going to sit here and zone out on your animation; I can almost hear the saw.
  16. @Doughty! Fantastic! Between your chain maille, @oma's sword, and @lynxster4's shields, we're ready for anything!
  17. Fantastic, @lynxster4! They look like candy kaleidoscopes!
  18. Thank you so much @Rickhum! I've never gotten a "good on ya" before, so I'm genuinely grinning here.