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  1. @Eli, well, I've always believed everyone's hands are made for something different. I can direct you to some resources if you want to try again though! :) And you're right...I guess it IS a self-portrait!


    @Pixey, thank you! That's actually one thing I'm not sure I could manage--too germophobic. :( I didn't know you and @barbieq25 both crocheted! <3


    @Maximilian, thanks! My husband drinks his coffee black most of the time (but sometimes likes a little flavored creamer). I can't drink it black or it upsets my stomach. :( Although now I think I need another cup of coffee! :coffee:




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  2. 10 hours ago, lynxster4 said:

    Could that be MST3k?  I hear Felicia Day will be in it.  I just love her...she's played a lot of good roles.  :)   (rep later)


    It is, it is! Yes, Felicia Day (very talented woman) will play Clayton Forrester's daughter, and Patton Oswalt will play TV's Son of TV's Frank. (I never noticed before how much he resembles the original actor; it's kind of eerie.)