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  1. Thank you so much @ReMake! Until today, I didn't know how badly I needed to be able to create metal in red (my favorite color). I suspect I'm going to be using Gradient Mapping--and your fabulous presets--a lot now.
  2. Congratulations, everyone! Yes, I have to admit I strayed a little more than I intended. On the other hand, the hubby wants to use it as a transom above the door so maybe I found my niche? *shrugs*
  3. @IRON67, this is fantastic! And frightening...good depiction of a pressure spike in glaucoma. (Just trust me on this one.)
  4. Those are fantastic! I will have some reps for you as soon as my clock resets. How did you get that inner glow?
  5. Thank you! It isn't shown here, but I used your Gold tutorial to make the lettering.
  6. So my husband's godson/nephew is getting confirmed, and as one of his sponsors the Lion had to write a letter to him. (I'm not Catholic so I'm not sure what-all is involved here.) Anyway, Lion asked me to touch up some pictures and make some artwork for the cover. I'm quite proud of how the whole thing turned out, but since I don't have permission to post nephew's picture here's the background I made for the cover page: All PDN. Finished product has a cameo portrait of nephew with gold text.
  7. Oh my gosh @Seerose, they're gorgeous! The second one really does remind me of a kaleidoscope I had as a child.
  8. Perfect timing @BoltBait! I'm polishing up some pictures for my husband's godson's confirmation, and some of the photos needed this badly. It works great! Thank you!
  9. Gorgeous new picture! (Coming to you from the Peanuts gang's home town, in fact.)
  10. Fantastic new images! And yes, I use Shape3D a LOT!
  11. Beautiful and just a touch eerie @Rickhum. Well done!
  12. I don't think the Doctor's personal pest can focus long enough to write code. Ohh puh-leeze, I've seen your gallery. Of course, I can't draw swirls with pencil and paper either, so there's that.
  13. Thank you! I um, I actually can't draw an even swirl to save my life, so thanks for making this!
  14. ReMake, I have to save some images, but this plugin shows promise for some interesting effects on stained glass images. Will upload pics soon.
  15. You're off to a great start, Andrew! I love the signature.
  16. La Foret Nouvelle (The New Forest)
  17. @Ishi, it is very elegant! It used a lot of natural elements and had a lot of all-around "softness" to it. I agree with your Mary Cassatt comparison btw. (...I'll delete my additional rambling and stop here; Art Nouveau is one of my favorite styles so I can get a bit long-winded about it!)
  18. Good point! I totally overlooked that part (need more coffee).
  19. @IRON67, it kind of looks like he wants to make a scrapbook effect? Maybe? @littlebigman, you might want to start with some of the ideas in this tutorial:
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