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  1. Nouveau de Budgie--entirely Paint.Net because Steven Blue is a bit shy.
  2. Oh NO Drew, I'm so sorry! You take care of yourself and your loved ones. We'll be thinking about/praying for you.
  3. Tougher than it looks! I'm so glad for these; I really need to get better at making individual objects.
  4. @Collagemaster, fantastic as always! You are living up to your name.
  5. @Shochi, you've done it again! You could work in the film industry with the animations you're making lately.
  6. Wow @Pixey, more spectacular work! Your bottles always make me feel like I'm shopping at a fancy boutique.
  7. Fantastic @Drydareelin! Talk about putting the world in perspective.
  8. *swoons* Shochi, that's one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen! As soon as my reps clock resets, you've got some coming!
  9. Ahh Woodsy, fantastic! Make all the radios you want!
  10. I'm so sorry @lynxster4! Feel free to PM me if you need an ear. Congrats on the adorable new grandbaby!
  11. Congratulations! Drew, I'm so sorry. Your family will be in my prayers.
  12. Oooh, Felix is adorable! Actually, he DOES resemble one of her littermates quite a bit!
  13. Oh she does, she does! Between her and the budgie.... *sigh* And Mach Five says "Prrrrrow?" to Sammy (who is gorgeous btw).
  14. As promised to @Collagemaster (and every other cat lover), meet Machfiva Flounceandpounce von Sturmundrang, princess of Ooze-Jumping-Glompenstein...better known as Mach Five, or "YOUNG LADY!" when she climbs into the decorations: All PDN except for the kitty. (BTW, Ooze-Jumping-Glompenstein is the 4' by 4' square of living room where she has her "crazies.") She's sitting next to me watching as I post...I'd better not make a typo!
  15. Ahh, my mother lived in Garden Grove for several years. Circumstances took her back to the Midwest, but she always missed California.
  16. Happy New Year, @Scooter! Hey--I grew up in this climate so it's all I really know.
  17. Step 4, Exhale slowly and evenly--but do exhale. I can't reach through the screen to perform CPR if you drop.