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  1. Limon, welcome back! That's a fantastic tarantula!
  2. @Ketenks, I love your final result and your project idea! (I'm a synesthete, so light/color and sound get all mixed-up with taste...anyway....) I would like to see more as this project progresses.
  3. Thank you, @Seerose! Between Paint.Net and yarn, it's a wonder I get any sleep!
  4. @Scooter, I blame insufficient caffeine for the state of my gallery. Is why I included the coffee. Glad you like!
  5. @Eli, well, I've always believed everyone's hands are made for something different. I can direct you to some resources if you want to try again though! And you're right...I guess it IS a self-portrait! @Pixey, thank you! That's actually one thing I'm not sure I could manage--too germophobic. I didn't know you and @barbieq25 both crocheted! @Maximilian, thanks! My husband drinks his coffee black most of the time (but sometimes likes a little flavored creamer). I can't drink it black or it upsets my stomach. Although now I think I need another cup of coffee!
  6. My day job partly involves being a crochet expert/instructor. I crochet um...a lot. So, I decided to tackle some crocheted fabric in Paint.Net. I like how it turned out and plan to see what else I can do with it. I also drink a lot of coffee--so, "Yup," this is my kind of evening!
  7. AHHH! *clamps hands over ears* Great picture, but my least-favorite song ever. Exactly how I pictured that scene though!
  8. @Pixey--Funny part is, Neil moved to the US several years ago and now lives somewhere in my home state of Wisconsin. He has some King-like elements, but with more (dark) humor and fairytales/folklore. "Snow, Glass, Apples" is his retelling of Snow White.
  9. Gorgeous! Although it makes me think of an unsettling Neil Gaiman story...this is not a bad thing.
  10. Oh my lord, you have just answered a lot of prayers. Welcome to the forum @simmetric, and thank you!
  11. @Pixey, @Maximilian, @Seerose thank you! I think some of the original series might be on YouTube; I recommend looking it up! Oh, and Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot (the guys in my picture) are actually robots built by a janitor/inventor who was kidnapped and launched into space...it's a weird show, but SO brilliant!
  12. It is, it is! Yes, Felicia Day (very talented woman) will play Clayton Forrester's daughter, and Patton Oswalt will play TV's Son of TV's Frank. (I never noticed before how much he resembles the original actor; it's kind of eerie.)
  13. Well, I'm going to geek out for a bit here if I might. One of the greatest TV shows of all time is making a return! I had to, I just had to. I regret nothing!
  14. @Maximilian, that's fantastic! Corvidae have a very special meaning to me, and your blackbirds look awesome!
  15. GAH! Geez @lynxster4, here I was expecting Elvis! Great rendition of Hades; are you going to try a Persephone next?
  16. Oh for cryin' in a handkerchief, that's amazing! From the Crown Jewels of PDNation?
  17. Fantastic job @Woodsy! It looks so much like my grandmother's house that I was looking for the porch swing. Love it!
  18. Thanks @Pixey and @Maximilian! Oddly enough, this conversation has given me ideas. *coughhackflop*
  19. It's an interesting topic--thermal imaging can create some really neat results. Unfortunately my contribution might be a self-portrait if I don't kick this bronchitis soon! (Don't even ask how much trouble I had making that red metal ring, ugh.)
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