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  1. @Woodsy ooooooh, I get it now! You're right, it does look tortoise-ish, doesn't it? I was aiming for the look of the grotesques in the borders of medieval manuscripts.
  2. @Pixey, I'll tell you a secret. She's about as un-ferocious as a dragon can get! Gets a bit crabby every third Thursday or so (not sure why), but other than that she's a little doll. @Maximilian, thank you! @Woodsy, traction? Well, she is kinda clumsy.... In case anyone wonders, McKenna means "fire-born." It seemed fitting.
  3. Thanks, EER! You're gonna turn into a walking PDN reference book if you're not careful.
  4. I like the way your owl thinks, @Woodsy!
  5. Only on every third Thursday. The rest of the time, she might just want to challenge you to a flying race. (Don't worry, she doesn't eat owls.)
  6. I see what you mean. It kind of looks like the stone is swallowing her. I like the shadow idea!
  7. This is much earlier than I usually release something publicly, but I got completely and utterly stuck. I figured the wonderful community here has plenty of objective eyes. Thank you! Still working on the tummy scales, but getting closer. Yes, although they aren't very big flames yet. Usually just enough to cook her food. Loves fire-roasted tomatoes and fresh groundhog, this one.
  8. *ducks* Incoming!--Oh, wait.... Thank you! I plan to do exactly that!
  9. Second draft...I had the scaling almost done when @Maximilian linked that tutorial, but now that means I can do a better job in the third draft! I've spent most of the day trying to figure out her ecological niche so I can adjust accordingly. O.O
  10. I hope it's an asbestos sofa. As for the teeth...well, she's got a beak, so I'm not sure how well teeth would work out for her. Have to do some tinkering on this one.
  11. That *BANG* you just heard was my jaw hitting my keyboard. That tourmaline is amazing!
  12. I'm just familiar enough with GoT to be blushing. If the Mother of Dragons would approve, I'm inching in the right direction. Yeah, I realized a bit too late that I'd hosed her wings. There's no way wings that size would be able to lift that body! I've only had birds most of my life, I should have thought of that.... Actually, now that you make me think of it, I think I need to study pteranodon skeletons a bit. Avian bones are hollow, but I don't recall if pteranosaurs' bones were. I *may* need to adjust her a bit so the physics are more realistic. "Because magic" never entirely c
  13. Well, she was supposed to be feathery--I mean if dinosaurs had feathers, it's only logical for dragons. Unfortunately, I made her furry and not enough feathery/scaly. You mean a manticore? I'm working up to one, actually. I have a weird fondness for manticores and sphinxes (actually crocheted a manticore some years ago), so I want to do it justice.
  14. Thank you! Actually, a Sphynx cat was my original model. I figured Sphynx and Oriental cats had the ears I was looking for. And she does have pretty eyes, thank you! Funny enough, it was just going to be a rock for her to lounge on. However, by the time I got done tinkering around with it, I realized it looked like a tombstone from an old cemetery. I couldn't resist! And the concrete texture is Chad's tut.
  15. Okay it's not just me thinking that. Thank you! P.S. I did add scales, but I was nervous about them sticking out...so now they aren't visible. Always learning....
  16. So um, this one's kind of weird. I just...well, felt like making a dragon. (I was born in the Year of the Dragon, hence my nickname.) I can use all the advice I can get! Thrown veggies too; this dragon loves fire-roasted tomatoes.
  17. I warn you, it's addictive! (Totally worth it.) @AndrewDavid, is this the time travel scene from Star Trek IV?
  18. @Beta0, they're wonderful! Speaking as a bird-mom though, I would like to see a slightly more defined beak on the first. I assume it's a psittacine (parrot), right?
  19. Constitution class Federation Starship, most likely NCC-1701-A (from the Constitution class refit) judging by the shape of the tractor beam emitter and the design on the side of the warp drive hull.... Or, y'know, the Enterprise....
  20. I'm jealous actually. My fighters were always meh, and my rogues varied. Better than my rangers though! And I seriously don't want to think about how long ago it was!
  21. Thank you, good sir! And I tried to work out a deal with Jack the Kipper but the jerk kept shredding the fish. No class, none at all.
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