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  1. Woo-hoo! Fantastic tutorial! Definitely putting this on the to-do list.
  2. This explains a lot of my frustrations. Boy, if I could have a word with my younger self for being so impatient! It is! Just had a check up today, in fact, and my doctor was surprised to discover I've regained a little vision in my right eye. So on that note--cake for everybody!
  3. Jeepers! Between you and @Collagemaster, PDNation is building a darn good army. Still need to try your tree tutorial....
  4. Well. Now I feel very silly. I always skipped that step as a kid. That could be why I never learned to draw. Dude, no worries! I brought it up, remember? I have glaucoma, the type where my eye pressure spikes really suddenly. I thought it was a migraine triggered by my ragweed allergy.
  5. Welcome back! I say...are you and @BlastWave invading?
  6. A Viking Axe??? And just when I was thinking of passing on this competition....
  7. I like making "fire and ice" pieces with them, which is part of why I had the idea to add fractals to this image. ...That helps immensely, believe it or not! I guess I never thought to break drawings down that way.... Well, I think this is the first time I've mentioned it on the forums.
  8. @lynxster4, thank you! She's been quite the learning experience, and yeah--she is pretty cute, even though I agree with @Pixey that she would rather be ferocious. Thank you again!
  9. @Beta0, thank you! Yes, I have a soft spot for fractals, although I rarely find ways to use the Julia and Mandlebrot in my work. And um, I feel like I still draw the way I did in third grade. Ironically, losing most of the sight in my right eye has helped because I've had to learn to re-see everything.
  10. Brr, I got chilly just seeing that! It's perfect!
  11. Thank you, @Maximilian! I am slightly tempted to give her an icy sister; what do you think?
  12. Thank you @Pixey! (THREE Komodo dragons? Meep!)
  13. Thanks! That really surprises me. O.O I feel better about seeing the world as "found-art-objects".
  14. Well, I've always enjoyed drawing but never really made much progress at it. I have much better luck with PDN!
  15. Tell me about it! Unless you want a Komodo dragon, and they're just grumpy.
  16. @Beta0, yes, sadly, a photomanipulation. I can't draw worth a darn, but I'm trying to improve my other skillsets. I'm inclined to agree about the background. I was trying to make a play on "fire-born" and well, it looks like she's still hatching. I've tried giving her glowing eyes a few times and didn't care for the result; I'm torn between leaving her with "normal" eyes and trying a little glow deep within. I'll see which I like better. I can't believe I didn't think of a "halo." *facepalm* Thanks. Back to the canvas.
  17. Thank you @hippiechos, @Seerose, @Scooter, and @Maximilian!
  18. Thank you @Scooter for a couple of helpful hints (and for catching a big "D'oh!" on my part).
  19. @Maximilian, I agree! It's a very...cinnamon name.
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