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  1. @Scooter, thank you! I'm really liking the digital painting.

    And...it's not just you. I think I was too fixated on keeping an icy color scheme. On the other hand, she has great camouflage!...but I don't want to think what a dragon would need to hide from.... O.O


    I do have some boats and temples and more portraits "in the pipe," so Isgerdr has been a good lesson on how  NOT to color!




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  2. Meet Isgerdr (Ice-sheltered), McKenna's grumpy older sister. I think their parents may have been an inter-elemental marriage.




    I'm also trying my hand--errr, mouse--at digital painting. Here's the late, great David Bowie; wish I knew what he was singing! (I like to think it's "Let's Dance.")



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