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    100% PDN. @Red ochre's Seascape tute and Tone Gradient Angle, @welshblue's cliff rock, some helpful tutorials from @Maximilian, @Ego Eram Reputo's Which Symbol Plus, plus what seems like half the plugins @BoltBait and @KrisVDM invented...and a lot of Norwegian pride and love.


    Both sides of my family hail from the Hardangerfjord (about 20 miles apart!), so that's where I chose to set the piece. Hrafna is the feminine form of Hrafn, Old Norse for raven--and as I think I've mentioned, blackbirds are extremely special to me.


    Lots of love to my PDN "family" for helping me build my confidence! @Rick Brewster, you deserve all the good luck for creating this software and this community.


    I think I need coffee now.


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  2. Also, something you may want to try:

    --position all of the circles in one section.

    --merge the layers of circles into one layer.

    --duplicate that layer and slide it over to the position you want the next row.

    --merge the two layers of circles.

    --mirror that half of the picture over the half without the circles.


    You'd have to be very precise with where you positioned the first two rows, but this seems to be the closest to an "automatic" way to do it. Art takes time. :)


    Also, what are those symbols on the circles? It makes it look like several slices of wood, which is kind of a cool effect.