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  1. 42 years ago today...if you've not been to Lake Superior, it's an overpowering place. A freshwater sea, really, with islands that seem foggy even on a clear day. I'm just glad the November winds didn't come early this year.
  2. @Seerose, I hardly know where to start! They all look...well, alive!
  3. Hey @Rickhum! Good to see you!
  4. Yes dear @Seerose, @DragonsLion is my darling husband! He's the Lion, I'm the Dragon. (It's an astrology reference--he's better at explaining it than I am. ) That's why my profile header is a lion hugging a red dragon in a leather jacket (red's my favorite color, and I have a leather jacket I wear every time the weather permits).
  5. Beautiful as always, but um...your keyboard is looking a little waterlogged. Cute duck though!
  6. Happy birthday @BoltBait and @Ego Eram Reputo! Somebody said we needed more cake?
  7. Got it! This is a reproduction of a suncatcher that hung in my mother's living room window when I was a small child. (Unfortunately, it fell and broke one day while she was cleaning the windows.) Thanks, dearest @lynxster4, for the memory; I always loved this piece.
  8. Well...thank you @BoltBait and @AndrewDavid both for your service! (And any other veterans here.)
  9. Oh @AndrewDavid, this is fantastic! It looks almost like a 3D puzzle.
  10. Oh that's fantastic! The lights land just perfectly!
  11. Oh wow! This reminds me of the stair-climbing scene in the original Ghostbusters. I think that adorable little piggy needs an elevator! Honestly, my first thought was that it was a photo of stairs and you added the pig--and then I realized whose gallery I was in. All hail the king of woodgrain!
  12. Congrats @BlastWave! Well-earned! Out of all the images you've posted, Launch Order is the one that actually made me "GULP!" Evocative doesn't begin to cover it; I could almost hear the motors.
  13. Annnd my mind is blown. I've never had such an urge to pour resin in sand art to protect it! Geez, I'm almost afraid to think how your sand castles turn out!
  14. YES!! Thank you, @lynxster4! I know what my next project is going to be....
  15. @Drydareelin that, frankly, is the best kind of birthday.
  16. Oh looks like a photo! @BlastWave, you need to have a chat with my hubby @DragonsLion. He loves Cold War history.
  17. Ahhh! @xod, I love ya! I was literally trying to figure out how to do something like this earlier today.
  18. Ho-lee nertz, dude...I have to agree with @lynxster4, that is always how I've envisioned the Dark Tower. This is just...aye, wow, look at the ex-librarian lost for words here! I'm really torn between, "What happened?" and, "How bad would the nightmares be if you knew?"
  19. Happy birthday @Drydareelin! Watch out for asteroids!
  20. @welshblue just put these in a palette, actually: Oh, and just in case: Then you can adjust the brightness/contrast, hue/saturation, or run plugins like Gradient Mapping or Metallize as you see fit.
  21. You could also use @toe_head2001's Tartan plugin, and use only the horizontal lines. I used this just last night to create a pinstripe effect.