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  1. Thanks! I found the scene very peaceful when I photographed it; it's a lovely park.
  2. If you mean the changes to the picture, just "Save as...." the way you would with any other file.
  3. Hey, life happens. School comes first. Good luck on your exams!
  4. Thanks! That's actually what I was thinking! (The funny part is, this is a really nice area--but it looks so spooky at night.)
  5. Based on a quick photo I took while we were coming back from the grocery store.
  6. LionsDragon

    IRONs Shapes

    Oh my gosh, @IRON67, these are fantastic! That must have taken a lot of patience.
  7. Hey, no worries. Life happens. You need a shoulder, just ask.
  8. Speaking of songs I've had stuck in my head all day....
  9. I think this is a fantastic idea! It could prevent a lot of frustration when people try to download or use obsolete plugins. But um...could you please not use that shade of yellow-green?
  10. Grrr...hardest poll I've ever voted in. I just wanted all of them for my tree! Speaking of which, have to figure out where to put it this year....
  11. PostImage, Imgur, and DeviantArt accounts are all free.
  12. @Seerose, I wish every day could be as colorful and pretty as your pictures!
  13. Goodness, this is positively meditative. The silhouettes are fascinating; every time I shift position, I see more!
  14. *bows head in a moment of silence* Nice touch with the flares too.
  15. @Woodsy, I found an old .pdf with the pics and .xml files. Sending the pics momentarily.
  16. Welcome! You're off to a great start!
  17. Your planet looks awesome (and you didn't use Planetoid or Shape3D, either, which is impressive). Your black hole picture, however, made my jaw drop; I had to show my husband, and he was also impressed. I've been obsessed with the Titanic since Robert Ballard found it when I was a kid, so I look forward to your images!
  18. Dude. I have been waiting for this since you announced it! Of course I'm going to be out of town until Friday...fnord. Ah well, looks like great fun when I get home; thank you!
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