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  1. Never know though, it could conceivably hang up in a larger scale at some point; ergo, it's something to watch. Or I might make a miniature building with frosted window glass panes 1px by 1px, although I haven't done that scale in at least 15 years (and my eyes are telling me it's a bad idea). That was in MSPaint too, so not nearly the flexibility.
  2. @BlastWave thank you! I've been meaning to try out your tree tutorial for a while now, and this just seemed perfect...of course now I have to make some with leaves.... @Scooter welcome back, my friend! And thank you! I lost count of the layers (probably upwards of 100?) but it was worth it.
  3. This is good to know, as I sometimes like to get down to pixel level with my work (like the 4px candle flame in my latest piece). Thanks for the heads up!
  4. Ummm...there are a couple of ways to make glass buttons in PDN, but I'm not sure about the magnifying (it's a great idea, btw). Making them static would be easy enough of course; maybe one of the plugin coders has an idea for making the magnification dynamic?
  5. I love the texture, and the whole vibe you've got going so far! I hear you on waiting for The One, too...believe me. Luckily, when they show up they're worth the wait!
  6. That was kind of the effect I wanted, yes. And yes indeedy, I used @BlastWave's tutorial! I just put snow on the branches instead of leaves...I was trying to resurrect the forest near my mom's house, which unfortunately has been cleared for development.
  7. Thank you! We're thinking of printing these instead of just emailing this year.
  8. TBH, my train of thought was more Charlie Parker...but this works! The sand/soil tutorial is juuuuuust visible in here; thank you so much! I know a lot of people find blackbirds unsettling, but I have a connection with them: whenever I see blackbirds, I have good luck. *shrug* Who am I to argue?
  9. 100% PDN, although I worked from photos when painting the ravens.
  10. Wow Pixey...that looks like the All-Seeing Eye! Love the colors!
  11. Oh no.... @Pixey, I'm so sorry...I'll be praying for your family.
  12. The Print-It plugin looks like it might be what you're looking for?
  13. Well...I have a couple of ideas to start. Do you have a blank master copy? If so, maybe you can start by duplicating that layer as many times as you need. For the frequencies..paste into new layer is causing a problem? I guess when I have a situation like that I just copy/cut it, then immediately hit "paste" or "paste into new layer" to keep it straight. Incidentally, your project sounds fascinating! Do you study bats?
  14. Seerose was wondering what you like to drink and eat since you don't care for coffee and cake.
  15. Ahh, fantastic! "Halloween Wolves" looks like glass-on-metal.
  16. @Rickhum, thank you! I minored in history when I was at university; it's something that's always fascinated me. Although, I think my gallery is starting to make that pretty obvious.
  17. @Rickhum, type @ and the name. Choose the right person from the drop-down menu.
  18. Fantastic new works! I especially love the woven effect in the first one...Woven Photo, right?