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  1. OW...I hope he heals up quickly! Also, congrats on five years and counting!
  2. Fantastic! I grew up near a place called Cave of the Mounds, and one of the formations there looks like a parrot wearing a newsboy cap. Caves are such wonderful and terrifying places. (I'm not claustrophobic btw; I'm just a klutz. This can lead to bad situations.)
  3. Word of warning: if you have any respiratory issues, the cough laughs longer. Chronic bronchitis here and STILL coughing, although not as badly.
  4. Dude! You're getting better all the time! Little nervous about that door....
  5. @RMSTITANIC, I'm an Aspie too. Think of it this way: you haven't been here that long, and you've already got people talking. Not a bad accomplishment!
  6. Welcome aboard! Also on the "off-kilter" wagon here. Art is what keeps me going. We've got a great bunch here, and I'm sure you'll like it!
  7. @Eli, @lynxster4, @barbieq25, @PranavJH, @Pixey, and @Seerose, thank you all for the good wishes! @IRON67, thank you for the good wishes and the perspective check! Healing, steadily; still have to be cautious, and sneezing is now my worst fear. I firmly believe this forum and PDN itself are helping by keeping me upbeat. *gentle hugs to everyone*
  8. So. I've suffered from anxiety for as long as I can remember. Between the car accident and some other jarring news, my mental state has been...less than ideal. This, for me, is what a panic attack feels like.
  9. Ahhh, I love France Gall! This was such sad news.
  10. Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry.... *hugs* A beautiful tribute. Hang in there my friend. Sending you loads of love. *hugs again*
  11. "The ones who love us never really leave us, you can always find them in here." (In the heart.) --Sirius Black @Drydareelin, your dad is right there with you, even if you can't see him.
  12. The pouring ink makes it look like he's melting!
  13. So last night, the Lion was taking me to my "day job" when some dimbulb turned and smashed right into us. @DragonsLion is okay. The car is a total loss, and I have bruised ribs/torso. I was supposed to have a follow-up with our doctor today, but the taxi never showed up and I just wasn't up for rescheduling. At least I can take a deep breath without screaming, which is more than I can say for how I felt last night. And don't worry--I used to be an emergency medic, plus I have dealt with a broken I know how to care for an injury like this. This is just...AAAARRRGH!!!!! Couldn't that woman pay attention to what she was doing?!? "Distracted by a food truck." Lady, I was on that same street and didn't see a food truck anywhere. I hope her insurance premium goes through the roof. *deep breath* *winces slightly* Okay, I feel (somewhat) better now. I'm wearing my favorite sweater just for cheer points.
  14. Happy birthday @Pixey, our dazzling friend!
  15. @Seerose, a sparkly new year to you as well!