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  1. Dude...I love the detail on the axe, especially the handle! You're progressing by leaps and bounds!
  2. Congratulations!! And graveyards don't scare me. I'll bring a flashlight.
  3. *squee!* Thank you! I've been wondering what the finished plugin would be like!
  4. @Beta0, Ghostbusters quotes are the exception because it's my favorite movie. I'm glad you made it through all right, and congrats on learning to cook! (Hit me up if you need recipes.) Thank goodness you have electricity back, and yay for the new kitty! Glad you're feeling better too; it sounds like you're going to come out stronger than the hurricanes.
  5. A combination of @lynxster4's porcelain and chrome text, @Pixey's gold-encased bottle, and @welshblue's stamped metal text. Now if I could just remember what I did for the wood....
  6. Love it, love it! I used @dipstick's red marble and got a fantastic glassy effect:
  7. Um...WOW. Is that a natural formation in the cavern or created by intelligent life? (AKA, should we run?)
  8. @TrevorOutlaw. that one is so cool! He looks like he just had the ultimate brainstorm.
  9. @Beta0, welcome back! And Rowan Atkinson is always a good answer (unless the answer requires a quote from Ghostbusters). You're handling the host-hopping better than I have.
  10. @Pixey, that is GORGEOUS! Looks like something worthy of royalty!
  11. @lynxster4, cracked porcelain...thank you for the idea! I've always thought that Kintsugi was a pretty art form.
  12. Wowzers! I'm going to be using this one again, definitely!
  13. Very well done! The edges on the book are really cool.
  14. This gives me hope! My girl would live on tomatoes if we let her (although we don't generally let her eat onions because she becomes a furry biohazard).
  15. @Seerose, your work always cheers me up! I'm glad you love color as much as I do, my friend!
  16. @Pixey, I'm so sorry! Our critter-kids never stay long enough, do they? I have more than a few critter-shaped holes in my heart. *HUG*
  17. Thank you, everyone, for the reassurance. Been a nerve-wracking month so far. This picture was hard to make and harder to post, but worth it; she needed to get out. @Pixey, thank you! I try but sometimes it seems like several days attack me at once! @welshblue, thanks! I can relate...the anxiety's always been there, but the panic attacks started almost six months to the day after my favorite uncle died. It felt like a heart attack. *shudders* Thank goodness for modern medicine! @barbieq25, thank you. It comes and goes lately. I really prefer the "go" parts! @Seerose, thank you hon! *hugs back* It was cathartic, even if the picture came out kinda disturbing. @lynxster4, thank you! Glad yours have abated. The ones that are just physical are *somewhat* more bearable, although they're all ghastly. The racing thoughts are the worst. @Scooter, thank you! The bonbon and tea worked wonders, and the gold star was a nice addition to my collection of celestial goodies. And the only critters I trust when it comes to food are birds; cats, dogs, unicorns, all the rest of them exaggerate. Greedy buggers. Thank you all, my dear friends. You have no idea what a healing place this is.
  18. Eek...hard to look away. That's a very good job!
  19. Daaaaang! Smells like a small fortune! Beautiful bottle though.
  20. @welshblue, I suggest giving him an invoice the next time he gets smart about it.
  21. Ishi, you posted this at exactly the right time!