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  1. Hi all- Let me start with a thank you and kudos to all of you who make this wonderful program and plugins and share it for free. I am totally new to any type of photo program and before this was doing a trial of corel software but found this site and just love the program and the idea of a community of users/developers. I am a complete and utter noob with this or any photo program. At this time I'm trying to learn about photo manipulation. About 90% of what I am doing right now is just playing around with images, cutting, pasting, composing to make something new and usually silly. The issue I keep running into when using layers is that I somehow will cut an image. Sometimes when I move the image partly off screen-it gets clipped and it's gone, other times it all comes back. The problem is I don't know when it's going to happen. It also occurs when I go from 1 layer to another. I can do the same thing twice (it seems) and one time get my image back the next time it's clipped. What am I doing? How can I safely manipulate a layered image to not clip it? Help is appreciated because right now I'm starting over after a lot of work since ctrl z can't even save some of those. I've seen a tutorial on using layers but didn't catch it if they addressed this. A general question: can the pop up tool bar be personalized? Any tool suggestions that would be helpful in creating composite images would be appreciated as well.
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