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  1. Okay. Next time, I won't waste my time trying to help.
  2. I carefully researched this before posting. There is a known malware by that name, and that site in particular has been used by criminals to distribute malware. With all of the uploads there, it is likely a hijacker is going to a bad repository on amazonaws. Guess we'll see. Something isn't right somewhere. BTW: PDN's security isn't looking healthy right now.
  3. Other places I need to get to are being diverted to (S3).amazonaws.com. This is a confirmed malware. Read my note. When I reset the phone browser, It went straight to the site in the link, not the hijack page. I get a warning in my browser that this forum page is not safe due to mixed content. It might be hiding right in front of you now. I don't know how to properly scan the PDN forum. This is why I sent an alert. Perhaps, since there is known criminal activity on S3.amazonaws.com, a cleaner site might be worth looking into. I set my firewall to block all connections to it. Also, the site certificate here on PDN looks weird to me, but I am no expert on them.
  4. Just giving everyone a chance to double-check before you get this crapware, too. Yes, I have read pages and pages about it. I never had trouble until I downloaded several PDN plugin packages. No telling where it is lurking, but it is a big PIA. I have run scanners and cleaners, done new install of Firefox. Still there. Any suggestions welcome!
  5. Here is the other image referenced. I did a reset on my LG phone and installed Chrome as plain vanilla as possible. I did NOT get hijacked and was able to download both zips to my phone, then transferred them to my PC nice and clean.
  6. I tried to give you two .png files showing the problem, but a 256KB total limit? Seriously? Less than a 3-1/2" floppy? No crash log for this problem. I suspect there may be malware sneaking in when downloading some of the plugins. A real nasty hijacker known as "amazonaws[dot]com" or "S3.amazonaws.com". I've tried several scanners, and NONE have found it so I can remove it. Chrome and Firefox on my Android phone, Chrome, Firefox, and Edge on my Windows 10 Home PC all show symptoms of this hijacker. I am still searching for the bugger. I am fairly certain I got bad files where the plugin was in someone's Dropbox, but since I didn't notice for a while, I'm not sure that is the only place. See the image for a plugin that does this every time for me. I'm not sure what else to tell you for now, but please contact me if I can do anything else. I'd hate for other PDN users to get this nasty problem.