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  1. The folder certainly exists. It has not been renamed or moved or anything of the sort. If I wait a very long time, I can still save the file there (and it shows up in Explorer) but the lag is unbearable. Other programs using the folder (specifically my text editor, Notepad++) have no problems whatsoever. EDIT: Loading a file from a different location (ex. my desktop) and trying to save opens the save dialog to my desktop, but still stops responding. EDIT 2: It appears that this is not a Paint.NET problem. Using another (recently installed) .NET-based application, the "Save As" dialog has the exact same issue as in Paint.NET. I'll see if I can reinstall the .NET 4.0 framework, and if it helps. EDIT 3: As it turns out, my computer only just received the Windows 10 November Update, which appears to have resolved the issue. That was very odd... Sorry to bother you all!
  2. I really enjoy using Paint.NET, but just today I started having a terrible issue when saving files. No matter the image, when I try to save it the "Save As" window appears, but immediately stops responding. After 5-10 minutes of waiting, it will come to again, but the next button I press there (either to enter a folder, create a new one, or to actually press the "Save" button) will cause another 5-10 minutes of not-respondingness. I've looked in Task Manager during this time, and Paint.NET is not using much of my computer's CPU, RAM, disk R/W etc. even though there is plenty available. I have an SSD, so disk speed should not be an issue. I am running up-to-date Windows 10 with the latest version of Paint.NET (4.0.9; 4.9.5848.30436). Fortunately this issue first occurred with some minute pixel-art, so I was able to recover most of my work by taking a screenshot during the crash. Thank you in advance!