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  1. I don't know if this makes any difference or not, but I also have another GMIC installed on my system as the GIMP plugin. The thing that I thought was odd is this: when I first launched the GMIC plugin in paint.NET, the plugin's filter list showed all 519 filters plus all of my Favorites which I had set in the GIMP's plugin. This makes me believe that the paint.NET plugin is somehow referencing GIMP's gmic folder which is located at C:\Users\DB KETTREY\AppData\Roaming\gmic. As a test, I moved GIMP's gmic folder completely out of the AppData folder, then relaunched the gmic plugin in paint.NET. Lo and behold, the gmic plugin then showed just the basic 300+ filters and NO Favorites, which is what I would have expected it to do. But paint.NET still crashed, regardless. This makes me think that the paint.NET plugin and the GIMP plugin (and their dll's, perhaps) somehow intermingle in a bad way.
  2. This issue just occurred on my system, too. I have paint.NET 4.1.6, 64-bit, on Windows 7. Paint.NET is able to launch the gmic plugin, but the plugin's preview remains empty (transparent), and I get an immediate notice that paint.NET has crashed and gone bye-bye. I went ahead and sent the crash log to the email address shown in the log report, and I've attached the log here as well. Thank you much! pdncrash.6.log