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  1. Also Instead of CCleaner to get rid of adware I would use Malware Bytes but if you have windows you can also use windows defender
  2. If what you're saving is in a zipped file then extract the file it helped me i hope it helps you.
  3. So I am trying to save something and this is what it says when I do Access is denied use File -> Save as to save under a different location or name And if I press Show Details this comes up System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Target path has the read only flag set at PaintDotNet.IO.SaveTransaction..ctor(String path, FileMode mode, FileAccess access, FileShare share, FileOptions options) in d:\src\pdn\paintdotnet\src\PaintDotNet\IO\SaveTransaction.cs:line 265 at PaintDotNet.Controls.DocumentWorkspace.DoSave(Boolean tryToFlatten) in d:\src\pdn\paintdotnet\src\P
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