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  1. Sorry for your loss. I still miss my old dog and he passed 3 years ago.🙁
  2. Thanks for the complement Pixey. Yes I do like my Harley and would be happy to take you, or any of the other fine Women that posted their picture on this thread for a ride on her. I also wouldn't mind having a few beers with Welsh or BoltBait, so I can pick their brains a bit....
  3. I'm usually behind the camera, not in front of it. Here's a picture of me drinking the local beer on my vacation to Portugal last Summer. Yes, I'm getting old, but still in decent shape...
  4. Was that you Pixie back in the day? Very hot... I've been into photography for a few years now. I've mostly shot sports and wildlife like this eagle I shot.
  5. The shape is one of racerx's. It was modified with G'mic's Illuminate 2-D Shape Filter. All PDN.
  6. Really, PS? you could've easily done this with free open source s/w. I wouldn't call that that a triumph by any stretch of imagination. But if it makes you happy, go for it...
  7. Gimp also supports Vector Graphics in the form of paths saved as .svg. Here are just some samples that I've made with Gimp and transferred to blender for rendering. Edit, many of those shapes were originally created with PDN using the ShapeMaker plugin, then made into paths in Gimp....
  8. This is actually good for making seamless texture patterns. I used my chrome butterfly to make this...
  9. I'm running Win7x64 in a VM that's locked down with no internet. I don't want to install the needed resources for the latest PDN version. Paint.net v4.0.19 works well enough with G'mic plugin v1.2.0, so I'll stick with that one.
  10. Version doesn't seem to work with my paint.net v 4.0.19 for some reason. EDIT: I just found that I can use v1.2.0 G'mic dll along with the newer v1.3.0 folder with the support files. Now I'm running G'mic v2.4.4 while using the compatible v1.2.0 G'mic dll for my PDN version. The best of both worlds now...
  11. You may also want to try out the G'mic plugin. It has a cartoon filter among many others..
  12. Thanks null54, your latest build is indeed much faster. As a test I combined the two top images to get the bottom image. It is easily 5x faster....
  13. You can certainly improve any image in PDN using various filters and blending modes. Since you mentioned wanting to get effects like "Lightroom", I suggest you check out DarkTable. It is immensely powerful and free, I use it in Linux mostly for my RAW images. You can check out many of the available tutorials for darkTable on YouTube for guidance. Here is an example of an image I shot in RAW, then edited in DarkTable:
  14. You won't find much information about G'mic Stylize Filter because it just got released and is still in Alpha stages. The best source of information can be found in This Thread.
  15. 1) put your car image on the bottom layer. 2) put your style on the top layer. 3) select the bottom layer and hit Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C and Ctrl+D 4) run G'mic and switch to use bottom layer instead of top layer. 5) hit OK button. It should Finnish around 5 min with those small images. The bottom layer will be replaced with the new image created. OK, here's one I did earlier. I made the Style layer using a Lightning brush;
  16. I ran lifeday's two images in PDN-G'mic and got this after about 5 min: So, it works. It's very slow though....
  17. The plugin is very slow in Windows compared to Linux. The developer knows about it, but has no Idea why it's so much faster in Linux. The code is 99% the same. Here's a quote from David_Tschumperle: The example above took about 20 min. to render in Windows. It took just a few seconds to render in Linux.
  18. Well what do you know, that works perfectly. I'm currently rendering an outcome. Might be a while though..... I got tired of waiting and had to abort. This is how it should look while rendering.
  19. For some reason, this latest version of the plugin won't see the two layers needed for this effect. I believe the last version did however. Unfortunately I deleted it when I upgraded to the current version. I made a few renders with it in PDN and remember that both images needed to be the same resolution. It was very slow to render also, about 10 times slower than in Linux running Gimp. I probably shouldn't have brought it up, because it's still a bit experimental at the moment.
  20. No worries... I don't know if I should post this, but here goes for the adventurous folks out there. G'mic's newest filter is called Stylize It requires two images. Here is an example of a stylize modification on a picture of my Bike:
  21. It works and is what I did to make the 3 animations above. Maybe you miss-understood me?
  22. There is a problem with the interface between this plugin and PDN. It won't create new layers. To make 3-D animations, you must tick the option Make New Files, then import the files as layers into PDN. It's an added couple of steps, but it works.
  23. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it You can use G'mic's Inpaint filter to help fix a photo bomb image. Example: You'll need null54's G'mic plugin It's a 2-step process: 1) Paint on a mask over offending object. Use Red at 255. Use brush hardness at 100. Disable Anti-Aliasing. 2) Run G'mic and go to Repair/Inpaint. I used [Multi-Scale] 3) Inpaint might not get everything, you can finish off with Clone Stamp. Enjoy...
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