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  1. I'm surprised you got DotNet 4.6.1 to install at all. This is the error I got while trying to install. Looks like I'll have to settle for PDN v3.5.11 in my Linux. Not that big a deal though as it is very capable. It only has issues with some new plugins....
  2. You can also experiment using Curves+. Switch to RGB mode, then deselect Green and Blue to adjust just the Red Channel....
  3. Plugins used: Shape3D, TR's Morpher and Midora's animate images.
  4. What I find interesting, is I never needed to install DotNet v4.6.1 on my Win10 system for PDN v4.0.9. It's running the default DotNet v4.0.30319.42000. This goes for my Desktop as well as Laptop. I simply ran the installer without any issue or need for installation of DotNet v4.6.1. I wonder why that is? Here is my system info according to PDN: Hidden Content: specs Application paint.net 4.0.9 (Final 4.9.5848.30436) Build Date Tuesday, January 5, 2016 Hardware accelerated rendering (GPU) True Animations True DPI 96.00 (1.00x scale) Language en-US OS Windows 10 (10.0.10240.0) .NET Runtime 4.0.30319.42000 Physical Memory 12,097 MB CPU IntelĀ® Core i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz Architecture x64 (64-bit) Process Mode 64-bit Speed ~3592 MHz Cores / Threads 8 Features DEP, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, SSE4_1, SSE4_2, XSAVE Video Card IntelĀ® HD Graphics 4600 Dedicated Video RAM 112 MB Dedicated System RAM 0 MB Shared System RAM 6,048 MB Vendor ID 0x8086 Device ID 0x0412 Subsystem ID 0x07501025 Revision 6 LUID 0x00004DC3 Flags None Outputs 1 Video Card Microsoft Basic Render Driver Dedicated Video RAM 0 MB Dedicated System RAM 0 MB Shared System RAM 6,048 MB Vendor ID 0x1414 Device ID 0x008C Subsystem ID 0x00000000 Revision 0 LUID 0x00005030 Flags SoftwareOutputs 0
  5. I can open that iphone png image in PDN v4.0.9, but I don't know which file type plugin is used to open it. The colors are wrong on import. PDN assumes it is RGBA instead of BGRA. Using the Color Matrix plugin does work...
  6. Awesome!! Now I can preview all the silly warp effects I make. I have some much better than this one, but they aren't quite family friendly....
  7. Don't feel bad, I never vote, even for my own entry.
  8. I'm getting a security warning on the site you linked to. Post the zip file here directly.
  9. The dpi shouldn't matter to a computer (it is only relevant for printing purpose), only the actual pixel resolution does. What are your image pixel resolutions? PDN can get very slow with large image resolutions such as 8k and above.
  10. I know it's probably asking too much to ask, but a preview while warping would be very nice to have. Thank's again for your hard work on this excellent plugin.
  11. I am just inches away from eradicating all Windows partitions from all computers in my household. I'm spending 99% of my time in Linux and have practically no need for Windows anymore. It feels good just saying that. Even my computer illiterate wife is using Linux on her computer.
  12. TR, this is an outstanding plugin and it may replace my old morphing method. I really like how you integrated GridWarp and the output of PNG image sequence. Very well done indeed! It works perfectly in PDN v4.0.9, however not in v3.5.11. The warp function works perfectly, but not the Morph function. When I right-click on a grid nub, it doesn't display the clipboard image. I'm not sure if this is a compatibility problem with PDN v3.5.11, or because I'm running it in Linux. Maybe a Windows user can shed some light here, since I don't have PDN v3.5.11 installed in Windows, only PDN v4.0.9.
  13. Eli, if you click Grid > "Lock Borders", you'll keep the edges intact during the morphing. Yes combining Warp with Morph makes my butterfly look better. I actually did this before I read your post....
  14. Great job Pixey... I like how the Warp feature works also.
  15. I really like the water flow effect TR! Here's a butterfly effect.
  16. Another quick one. I'll be sure to post a good one when I have some time to play with this.....
  17. Just a quick test. This is going to be a great plugin I think.
  18. While not a true optical illusion, it will make you dizzy if you stare at it long enough after a few drinks. I had fun making it anyway.
  19. Just put a PDN shortcut in the Right-Click "SendTo" shell command.
  20. Looks to me like the problem is in the ability for PDN to open a CMYK Color tiff file. I imported the OP's tiff file in PhotoShop, changed color mode from CMYK to RGB and exported to tiff. It opened fine in PDN v4.0.9 in Win10 and the Alpha Channel was displayed correctly. That's my unscientific analyst anyway..........
  21. OK, I reduced the opacity and added a glow. I think the star wars hologram had a glow to it, if I remember correctly. This is the end of my input here, if anyone has a better idea go for it.