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  1. I could never understand why someone would get plugin packs from another site, only to come to this one and complain about it. I find that both illogical and amusing at the same time. If there are indeed viruses in the Megalo pack, I would do a system restore or reformat and rebuild. Chalk it up to lesson learned and move on. In the future get your PDN plugins from this site only.
  2. That was my favourite Queen song. I used that sound track for many projects from my Son's PineWood Derby, to quite a few Car Shows..
  3. To be honest I never looked for or tried to read the PDF. I'm sure it will be helpful to some however...
  4. Muffler Bearings ? Blinker Fluid ? The old Pistol Grip Shifter is pretty cool though........... :beer:
  5. This is a fun little plugin. Cheers..........
  6. How about Burnout, Red-Line, Blown and Injected, Nitrous, Top Fuel, Variable Valve Timing, Rev-Limiter, Detonation, Waste Gate, Boost, Clutch.......
  7. I used this plugin to make a cool loop-able Motion Background for video @ 1080p. Here's a downsized sample at reduced quality animated gif.
  8. You are out of luck. Either "Auto-Level" each layer, or use an external program to animate your layers with a global levels adjustment.
  9. Kinda reminds me of that old song from the 70's...."I don't like spiders and snakes, but that ain't what it takes to love me".... Keep at it Buck, I think you're sand baggin'. You'll have it in no time......
  10. The opposite for me. I have Win10 on another partition that I rarely use any more. I like Linux for the following reasons. 1) It's free and very versatile. 2) More secure than Windows. 3) More stable than Windows. To each their own. Using XP online is asking for trouble.
  11. I believe PDN v4.0.7 is the first version to require .NET v4.6, so PDN v4.0.6 is the version you seek. Don't know where to find it, so you'll need to search for it.
  12. Screw Windows.......go with Linux instead. I'm currently spending 99% of my time in Linux and looking to go 100% very soon.
  13. I tried TR's Intensity Warp and yes indeed, it does paste Clipboard image. It's pretty cool too.....
  14. This is an excellent plugin that deserves to pinned for sure. I tried to use your Paste Warp plugin, but I couldn't get it to work in PDN v3.5.11 running in Linux. It wouldn't paste a copied image. Maybe it's an issue with Wine or something. Anyway I got satisfactory results with straight overlays using various blending modes.
  15. My guess is she overlayed a texture onto the 3-d text. You can apply the text onto an image and get it to look the way you want, then apply. Next undo, create a blank layer above the image and hit Ctrl+F to apply the 3-d text to the blank layer. Now you cam manipulate any way you want with AAA's or texture...
  16. Photoshop plugin needs mulitple shots taken on a tripod to determine the difference and remove the people. You can do the same thing manually by erasing sections out of various layers then merge down.
  17. Congrats Pixey on a well deserved win. Lot's of great entries as usual.....
  18. Here's the Rat Speedometer you requested. Hope it's not too scary......
  19. I don't like your design, so I'll post something I think is cool. I won't modify it for you, but you are free to use it if you like it... * Resized down to forum rules.
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