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  1. See if it will export to .stl format. Blender can import .stl as an object. You'll still need to make the shading and animation in blender itself. Nice work. I don't have a 3-D printer, how much did that cost you?
  2. I recently discovered that I can export a 3-D object I made as a .obj and then import those into any blender project. Here is a wallpaper I made using various 3-D objects I made recently.
  3. I too am an Amazon Prime member, does this storage include everything, or just images? I guess I should look into it.. I'm pretty cheap in tech stuff. My internet (50Mbps/25Mbps) is $45 per month. My cell phone (Android) costs me about $100 per year, as I use tracfone. My main PC desktop (i7) is 8 years old and I only paid $500 for it. My Laptop (i3) is 10 years old. I run Linux on everything and is obviously free.
  4. Thanks Seerose. My friend Skully here, had to bite the bullet.
  5. Well sculpting that skull is a very slow process, but I'm going to try anyway. In the meantime, I downloaded a skull blend file under the Creative Commons licence to play around with and see how it's put together. I only changed the texture and animated the jaw to make it laugh.
  6. Thanks for the roller bearing idea. It was actually one of the easier parts to make. The wrist-pin and rod were easier, but the piston was a challenge. Mostly because I had to cut holes into it. Have you used Blender? From the videos I've seen, it looks like they mostly sculptured the skull. I have little to no experiencing with the sculpture layout. I guess I'll have to figure it out.
  7. Although I like my original design better, I went with a similar design I saw on turbosquid. It has more straight lines and so easier to cut into. I also made the roller bearing for it. I'm now done with pistons, I think I'd like to make a skull next. I've read it is very hard though....
  8. Hey check it out, I made a Piston and ConRod assembly. Aside from it looking like I used a hacksaw blade to cut out the piston skirt, I think it looks pretty darn good. I didn't even use an image to model from, it was done 100% memory. It took a few tries though....
  9. It's round, but the camera angle gives an optical illusion. The triangles you see are a result of my lack of knowledge about blender. I used the Wrist-pin cylinder to cut the hole into the piston wall and it wrecked the vertices. I don't yet have enough skill to correct that, or to use an alternative method. I checked out one of the pistons. It is very high quality and above my abilities at the moment. If I ever learn this monster, look out though. This one's a little better, I went with a different path.
  10. Yes, I saw and have that movie. It was pretty good. I added a wrist-pin and a recessed dome to it. I was going to add some valve reliefs, but decided against it since my Harley is low compression. Still crappy looking though...
  11. It's best not to feed the trolls. Anyway I'm currently working on a piston. Not happy with the result so far, it needs much improvement. Don't know how to yet.
  12. Eli, I added bubbles to the beer and some noise to the foam. I think it looks a little better. Yes, Blender is very difficult to learn. It's easier for the young kids out there, but I have few good brain cells left anymore.
  13. Thanks welsh. I played around with the camera settings to get a shallow DOF. I set the focal length to 50mm and the aperture to 1. I also imported an image and gave it some thickness using the "Solidify" modifier to make it look like a snapshot. I think the beer looks good enough to drink.
  14. Thanks. I think I've figured out how to make a head of foam for the beer mug.
  15. Yes I know, not great. Think of it as a work in progress. I need to figure out how to make a foam head on this puppy.
  16. Wallpaper time. I'm buying this round, Bon Appetit. * Edit - I didn't like the last image, so I re-did it. I think this one is more photo-realistic, what do you think? Now, I think I should probably try to make a beer mug.
  17. I would love to test out this filter, but it won't run on my version of PDN (4.0.13). I guess I'll have to setup a Win10 VM and update PDN to try this plugin out.
  18. Made the spaceship in blender, everything else made in PDN.
  19. I agree. I learned 99% of everything I know mechanically by trial and error. I remember the first time I changed a set of points and condenser on a 69 Plymouth with a 383 and dropped the set screw into the distributor at age 16. How embarrassing! Since then, I've totally rebuilt motors and even done very technical things like adjust cam-timing via lobe-center phasing. All of which I learned on my own, never went to school for such things. Give me a dial-indicator, a degree wheel and a rat-tail file and I'm good to go. OK, here is some concrete carving.
  20. Thanks for the complements Lynx and Welsh. Here's a glass of wine for you.
  21. Thanks Lynx and Welsh. I'm still very much a novice in Blender, but I'm learning. Now that I'm not working, I have the free time to learn that monster. I'm getting better at modeling, but can't remember all the key-board shortcuts. My PC is about 8 years old now, but it has an i7 with 12GB of RAM. No graphics card thought, so all CPU. Single frames aren't too bad, but that soccer animation had 240 frames @ 1920x1080 and took about 3 hours to render. About 48 sec average per frame. Earlier I made a Ball Peen hammer, today I decided to morph it into a pick ax. I learn things as I tinker.
  22. An interesting scene. Hard to tell what's real and what's fake. I also made a soccer ball complete with stitches. And the animated version.
  23. The feature you're requesting is called Layer Groups. I don't believe PDN supports layer groups. I also doubt a million people want this feature. If it's important to you, then try Gimp, as it has layer groups. https://www.lifewire.com/introduction-to-layer-groups-in-gimp-1701685
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