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  1. This version can, I need Chinese language locale。 thank you for your help.
  2. How to make your plugin menu tree is converted into Chinese? You can teach me ah, look at English Dictionary feel boring, lazy, lazy. . . .
  3. Thank you, the success of the English menu into a Chinese, this translation was very good. I send you a picture. I downloaded a lot of plug-ins, I should learn English in order to understand how to use plug-ins. good luck
  4. I downloaded your plug-in package, Many English words do not understand, look at the icon can understand the meaning of a ballpark If I can edit DLL format files, I might own the menu text inflicted Chinese With the google translate, I hope you can see that you know
  5. How plug-in localization(Translate into Chinese)? I'm not good at English,Thank you for the plugin。 I use translation software, don't know if you can understand
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