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  1. it's not really easy and handy to press more than 1 keys, one of which (K) placed on the other side (right side) of keyboard i mean it
  2. Please make improvement to brush and pen! When using a brush/pen i want press ALT to switch to colorpicker! when alt released - return to brush or pen with picked color I often adjust images with brush and there are many regions to adjust with nearer pixel's color switching by clicking on a toolbox is terrible
  3. Today correction tools save only last applied settings. but I need a named settings for each tool. When correcting many photos each day i want to start from my base saved setting for each type of image today it's a pain to remember or write down setting for these tools, for example levels tool has so many parameters it's hard to remember or write down so too many time is lost whern editing photos
  4. why do you focus on my RAM amount?? it's been a few times when windows got it's updates and forces my PC to reboot! And I have to reopen my twenty pictures i'm working with. It's a big pain. Even Google has it's reopen last closed pages feature. very helpful. PS. by the way latest version of pdn doesn't crash anymore! great
  5. I need 1. Feature to save settings of any correction tool or effect 2. use a macro engine to execute a set of filter & correction steps
  6. again it has crushed (eated whole memory because of a lotof opened images) and i lost all open windows.. :((
  7. sometimes it's nesessary to reboot computer or it hangs etc.. and if you have many pictures opened in pdn - it's always a big trouble to restore all that stuff.. anyway you will loose all the action history for that images.. if there will be a feature allowing to save and then open your workspace with all opened and in-progress pictures with all the action history - it would be great featuture!
  8. chkdsk hasn't foundany problems sfc /scannow wants to restart pc but i won't restart it till next week
  9. why? my laptop runs almost 20 hours a day every day I use many heavy apps that eat memory and cpu none of them crushed, but pdn crushed three times since last update two weeks ago. I use pdn every day more than a year.//
  10. I had this problem few times since i upgraded pdn to latest version!.. the most sad thing is that crush always happened when there were few unsaved changes to my images.. Last thing i did before the last crush is working with my favorite "levels.." tool as usual i'm working on my laptop samsung NP700Z3A Exception details: System.AccessViolationException: Попытка чтения или записи в защищенную память. Это часто свидетельствует о том, что другая память повреждена. в System.Environment.GetWorkingSet() в System.Environment.get_WorkingSet() в PaintDotN
  11. pdn 4.17.6411.1908 (latest) win 8 pro x64, w/latest updates the first time i noticed that problem with levels tool it was a year ago
  12. 1. open any image 2. open "Levels.." tool 3. clear check box on a Blue channel for example 4. move left bottom slider up for approximately 1/4 of the whole scale 5. set Blue channel check box checked again 6. try to move the same left bottom slider to the very bottom App hangs!!
  13. feature request: 1. customizable hotkeys for all the functions. I used photoshop and still can't learn up all the new hotkeys.. i want to setup hotkeys by myself 2. Layer props window should be a tool window. I often use layer props, but this modal dialog so annoying!! I want to keep it open always and continue to work with my layers. please...
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