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  1. You are probably right at every aspect for what you said. I don't think I'm the only user representing the group of enterprise environment users with the following situation: 1. does not support W10 2. does not allow updating to W10 3. does not push/force installation of .NET Framework 4.6.1 ... + 4. loves to use Paint.NET This causes usability issues for a minor(/major) group of users - considering the .NET Framework isn't pre-installed the Paint.NET can't either be installed as unattended installation. As .NET Frameworks are quite rigid I'd say this would require some sort of compromise. The previously required .NET Framework versions have been, for what I've understood, rather widely built-in in the Windows OS's'.4.6.1. is not. I hope it's not just me hoping to see an up-to-date Paint.NET installer which a] supports <4.6.1 version of .NET Framework or b] includes the .NET Framework's required installation package (*) (*) = Yup, the package is rather big as MB's (but as a separate installer it doesn't bother the rest of the users). Also I don't actually know if an unattended installation of .NET Framework is possible. This is just discussion and suggestions, but the real thing is that at the moment I don't know how our environment can support the deployment of Paint.NET done as unattended installation.
  2. After manually installing the .NET Framework 4.6 & re-booting, then running the /createMsi, the command succeeded as expected. This leads to next issues: The now required .NET Framework 4.6 is however now causing issues with silent installation I'm doing with the .msi's. The installation turns out as failed if the computer doesn't already have .NET Framework 4.6 installed. When running the .msi manually (attended), the installer fails with an error "There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected. Contact your support personnel or package vendor." Should the .msi's include .NET Framework 4.6 installation?
  3. As posted on the blog post of 4.0.8 release: I’ve previously extracted the .msi-installers with “ /createMsi” -command, but that doesn’t seem to work with this (using W8.1). Apparently the .msi is available also manually extracting the .msi so not a big issue. Just wanted to point out in case the feature was supposed to work. Actually what happens is that the installer seems to start and a prompt will appear as following: "The following will be installed: * .NET Framework 4.6.1 *" By clicking "OK" the program seems to do some extracting based on the title text of a progress window, which then automatically closes and the program ends. No signs of the extracted .msi-installers are found anywhere. Command prompt was ran as administrator.