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  1. The rendering issue has been fixed. Plz 2 redownload
  2. What I meant by that was if you have a circle area selected you will end up with a square area that gets rendered. It wasn't until right as I was posting this that I thought about it but it shouldn't be a difficult fix. What you're suggesting is different though. This would require some kind of configuration to stagger the "row" or "column". So I'm thinking about what that would translate to configuration-wise. Maybe just be a checkbox to make a 50% alternating offset ? Can you think of a use-case where someone would want quarter/variable offsets (0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, etc)? The only con
  3. I'm confused. Is there an objection to a consistent user experience?
  4. <snip> And: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/12831-tile-fill-addin/
  5. Tile Source: https://github.com/DataDink/DinkPDN#tile Download: Removed for now -- see below, -Rick Developed on: PDN 4.0.6, NET 4.5.2, WIN 10 TLDR: This takes the current image, selection, clipboard image, or externally loaded image and tiles it. Usage: Select the area you want to tile across (or don't) Effects -> Fill -> Tile Adjust stuff Options: Horizontal Scale: This will adjust the width of the tile. Set this to 0 to keep it proportionately scaled with the Vertical Scale. Vertical Scale: This will adjust the height of the tile. Set this to 0 to keep it propo
  6. No sorry on your part needed at all - you enlightened me to an issue I had never even heard of before. My intention is to promote easy community contribution to my project thereby relieving myself of responsibility that would ultimately lead to abandonware and reduce the value of my own contribution. What I now know is the label I have been using is better replaced with a "please feel free to contribute or fork this project here" link and let people call it whatever they want. So thank you for the enlightenment!
  7. It certainly is not my intention to offend and this is clearly a debate I don't want to be a part of so please feel free to apply whatever labels you feel are appropriate. Just want to include some "git" terms you will find where I have the source uploaded and the possible "freedom software" translations. Some of this will just be "source-control" basics if you are already familiar with the term. Repository - This is a publicly visible location where anyone can access, study, and download the source code actually used to build the final product. You also have the right to do so. You can a
  8. That's a new one - can you elaborate?
  9. Nope, just using the base PDN libraries. The plugins I'm making right now are simple automations of what I have been doing manually for years. I am only now just starting to explore building a library for myself to start streamlining some of my existing PDN workflows. With that said I am simply wanting to share what I make with the community in case someone else can benefit from it. So I don't mean to sound inconsiderate when I say I will probably not invest time in compat for an audience that will soon dwindle away due to natural technological progression. I am, however, making every effo
  10. You're a really good moderator. Thanks for being so informative. I don't have compat info, but I did add the environment developed on for reference. Question: What makes compat with old versions relevant? Is there something keeping a portion of the community from upgrading to latest versions?
  11. Tried this out on a bunch of misc images from the internet. Some of them turned out ok, some of them meh. I was overall happy with it so I thought I would share...
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