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  1. Hello again! I've been using this plugin for quite some time now, and I'm really enjoying it! However, there are a few features I would like to suggest: 1. The ability to link the start of one path to the end of another permanently. Such that the paths stay connected even when moved. I know you can create a path linked to the previous path, but as soon as you move the end of the previous path or the start of the current path, they are once again disconnected and (if grid snapping is off) impossible to reconnect. 2. The ability to insert points in the middle of a path, rather than only a
  2. I tried using "Copy Path Stream" and pasting it into a blank .SVG file, but no program can seem to read it. Am I missing something? I'm unfamiliar with the .SVG file format.
  3. Is there any way to make the feathering even weaker than 1? Because even level 1 is too strong for me at times.
  4. I would also recommend using the "motion blur" tool if you want your drop shadow to be "connected" to the image itself.
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