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  1. I have all the images become transparent
  2. TechnoRobbo, 1) "Zoom" and "Distance" very similar in functionality. 2) very well that there is support for other fonts P.S. After Effects smokes on the sidelines
  3. I could not open the pdf Maybe he did not need? The plugin has an intuitive management
  4. how to make animated person? I think the "user manual" can be removed
  5. Ups. all files are moved to a folder paint.net\Effects exe file RIOTProxy and also
  6. does not work. I tried to install the Reut out of your hand and luci.criosweb.ro/риот all actions lead to a drop in Paint
  7. little problem. flash plugin information. how to solve?
  8. interesting, perhaps to create a separate program to determine the relevance of plug-ins? Or just hands and "plug-in error" in the Paint ?
  9. Ego Eram, a good job, a colleague the list is updated once a month? Or for each version? Rick Brewster, run -work 30 seconds
  10. BoltBait I know but some plug-ins from version 3.5.11 work in Paint 4,0,8 Errors plugins often wrong. How do I know 100% that old plugins will run on the new version of Paint? A plug-in will not happen collapse or closure Paint I have a 650 plug-ins for different versions of Paint how to check their work in Paint 4.0.9?
  11. Paint has many plugins. For version 3.5-4 * some are not working. how to check the operation of all plug-ins? "settings-- plug-in error" does not help
  12. You can make a turn to the left and right of the cube? http://firepic.org/?v=2.2015-12-06_l8w2rfmkf3nz.jpg
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