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  1. Since I would be using said cell-shader on entire images or maybe rectangular selections only, this method could help me out, right? Other than the fact that the dll will run more than once, slowing the entire process down for no gain at all except for removing the occasional mistake, would there be many drawbacks, for my purposes, to this method? I do understand that, since PDN seems to be breaking a blank canvas with a line drawn down it into about 10 separate ROI's, the runtime should be around 10 times longer... Or maybe I can trash my crappy edge-detection and go for a more accurate b
  2. So if I Build my CodeLab dll with this version, and Force Single Threaded is checked, then it won't break the execution into several different chunks, instead running this all at once? I kindof need this as well, since what I'm doing is across the full image and selection shape won't really matter at all. I'll try this one out.
  3. Awesome! Made a rather iffy cell-shader already... -> It works better on video-game looking images, but this is the only one I had to work with at the moment; short on time. Plus this image is from YouTube and the blurring kindof hurts the edge detection. Also, a question. If there's a way, how would I prevent PDN from doing the sectional program running (where it breaks the selection into several different rectangles then runs the program multiple times), which is causing some problems in my first-try edge detection?
  4. I got this plugin before school this morning and because of that made this account and plan to make effect plugins for PDN. Don't know when I will chack back on this comment but for when I do, here's my question. Would I have to put some credit for CodeLab in my plugin page and such (though I think I will anyway), or are you fine if I forget to?
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